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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
There are two things that invariably happen every time I visit my parents. Firstly, I help my dad out with whatever problems he's been having with his computer. Yesterday, there were a few things he needed me for. Firstly, he wanted me to copy a bunch of mp3s over from DVD-ROM to his hard disk, and to shove them into windows media player's library. Naturally, this was far more of a pain than it should have been, because I don't use media player, and had no idea how it handles its library, so I had to poke at it a bit. Which obviously was hampered somewhat by lack of familiarity with Vista.

Next, he wanted me to change his default email program from Thunderbird to Outlook. Obviously, I cried a little at this abomination unto Cthulhu, but was willing to taint myself by doing so, since Outlook is what he uses at work and is used to. Of course, after actually checking, I saw that Outlook was already his default email client. It transpires in the end that what was actually happening was that all his old emails were still in Thunderbird, and that whenever he opened Thunderbird to look at them, it downloaded all his new mail automatically, which then meant he had to carry on using Thunderbird to look at them, which just carried on. That was easy enough to fix once I'd actually managed to figure out what he wanted.

Finally, he wanted me to install flash. Which I did. Twice. Since apparently he sometimes uses IE and sometimes uses Firefox. In an attempt to redeem my somewhat tarnished soul after dealing with the crappy Microsoft products, I tested that flash was correctly installed by showing my dad the llama song and leekspin. Hah.

The other thing that always happens when I visit my parents is that my mum cooks a nice meal for me. Every single time, pretty much without fail, she'll ask me what I want, and I always give the same answer. Roast pork with crackling, roast potatoes, leeks, sweetcorn and gravy. Nom nom nom. My favourite meal, and not really something that I can just make for myself when I'm cooking just for myself at home. Especially since my oven is still non-functional. If I was on death row and requesting my last meal, that would be what I'd have, no doubt. I also snarfed the leftovers and brought them home with me, reheating them and eating them for lunch today. Yummy.

I feel vaguely odd today, not to be actually doing stuff. After a busy Thursday and Friday, having a nice relaxing weekend is good. Therapist on Monday again, though.

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I thoroughly approve of your methods of testing flash. Right on.

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