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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
My boobs are getting bigger. Or at least, I think they are. You'd think that this would be the sort of thing where it would be fairly easy to tell. For instance, by looking down. It really isn't that simple, though. It's sort of like trying to tell if your hair is growing by looking in a mirror. If you look in a mirror every day and say "does my hair look longer than it did yesterday?" then the answer will always be "no" (unless yesterday you had it all shaved off to the scalp). Of course, if you say "does my hair look longer than it did three months ago?" then the answer, unless you've had it cut in between, will be "yes". But then, who can really remember exactly what their hair looked like three months ago? I know I can't, and it's the same with boobs.

Even so, I am fairly sure that mine are increasing in size. I say this not because they look bigger to me, and certainly not because I've been doing any sort of actual direct scientific measurement. No, the reason is that they're starting to hurt with much greater frequency than they have done in the past. If I move too fast, or too jerkily, then they have a tendency to bounce about a bit, in a not-entirely-comfortable sort of way.

I feel somewhat ambivalent about this. On the one hand: yay boobs! I like boobs. I like boobs on me. On the other hand: boo pain! I'm not generally a fan of pain (except in cases where I am).

I suspect that this particular observation means that it's probably about time I started thinking about buying a bra. I suspect that this means I probably ought to try to figure out what size I am (since I already own various bras, bought at dim and distant points in my past, all of which are quite hilariously ill-fitting). I suspect that this probably means that I should try to acquire a tape measure.

Alternatively, I might just use the "piece of string and a ruler" method. While this is hardly the most accurate method in the world, I'm not sure how important that will be given that my body shape is changing sufficiently rapidly that whatever measurement I make will be out of date within about three minutes. I know I'm certainly not planning to waste money on buying anything that's actually particularly good until I'm somewhat more stable, at any rate.

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I remember having a lot of breast pain when mine were 'growing in', too. It wasn't a gradual thing for me, though. They kinda exploded slowly over about a week, so the growing pains were very memorable. From a flat-chested 10 year old girl to a busty and full chest at an age way too young to contend with them.

From suffering without a bra for way too long (my mother didn't think it appropriate for a 10 year old - though I figure if SHE gave me the gene, she ought to take SOME responsibility!) I fully endorse your plan to get one (or a few) posthaste.

Edited at 2007-12-02 21:37 (UTC)

If it's anything like the boob growing that happens to natal women (seems likely that it should be a similar sort of process), the pain is very temporary. Like, they won't hurt just by being there, but only when they are growing. And ok, if they get big you want some kind of support if you're doing anything active, but I don't think you will have sore breasts forever.

Bra fitting generally can't be done by tape measure, as all the manufacturers mean very different things with the same sizes. Even within the same manufacturer different styles will be different sizes and some will fit while others won't.

I suggest a trip to M&S - I'm guessing your boobs will currently be somewhere between an A-D cup and they have a variety of 'T shirt bras' for £5 or so. They have a better range of sizes than most places do.

A tape measure will give you an idea of where to start. Pick the size the tape measure suggests and some bigger and some smaller and try them on till you find the one that feels right. You will know what a correctly fitting bra feels like when you put it on. The back band of the bra should fit snugly around your back (without riding up or digging in). The back band provides most of the support, not the shoulder straps. The cups should encase all of your boobs (if not, try a bigger cup size).

Note that you may find that your bra size changes again even after your breasts have grown in and seem settled in size--not only can weight gain or loss affect that, so can some kinds of exercise. So it's worth trying on new bras now and again, not just buying the same size for years, tempting though it is to resort to mail order.

Edited at 2007-12-02 23:20 (UTC)

Mine seem to be growing too - something in the water? Bras are always a good thing; boobs hurt when bouncing unsupported when you run up and down stairs.

Mine ache a little on growing, but the worst is the itching feeling.

Bras aren't ALWAYS a good thing ;) For me they cause more trouble than they're worth, unless I'm jogging or playing sports.

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