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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I have a question for you people: what do you all do with your lives?

I mean, there are 24 hours in a day, which is quite a few really. And while most of you aren't unemployed bums like what I am and therefore have a sizeable proportion of those 24 taken up with either education or employment (or both), that still leaves quite a few hours left. What do you do with them? What are your hobbies? What activities do you enjoy?

I ask this as a follow-up to my therapy session today. One of the problems that I'm trying to work through with the therapy is my sleep patterns. Being able to be awake during the day and asleep during the night would be helpful in getting my life together. And one of the big things that I need to do for that is to cut out the daytime napping. Before starting this process, I had no idea just how much I napped, but it's a lot. And one of the reasons I nap is that I don't have anything to do. If I have no motivation or enthusiasm for anything, I tend to go and lie down and fall asleep for a while.

So the answer there is to come up with extra things for me to do. The more I have to do, the less likely I am to find myself in that position, so the more likely I am to be able to get my sleep patterns sorted. At least, that's the theory. In order to test the theory, I need to come up with additional things to do, and that's somewhat hard. I'm planning on going back and revisiting the comments on the post I made about knitting a bit ago, and making a few purchases, probably either today or tomorrow, but that's only one thing, and will likely only take me so far. What other hobbies are there that are out there that I might want to take up?

In other therapy related news, I am now banning myself from my bedroom, except when I am sleeping. Well, I'll still allow myself to go in to fetch something or whatever, but I'm not allowed to live in my bedroom at all. This is with the same goal in mind: kicking the daytime napping habit. Let's see how that one goes.

I've decided that this is going to be a breakthrough week in terms of this sort of thing. I am going to work damn hard to get things right this week.

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Well, I knit a lot. I make jewelry. I do spend a LOT of time online, but a good deal of that is work. So I would say knitting and making jewelry are the big things.

What do I DO? Hmm... this is a toughie. presumably you mean besides the hours spent idly browsing the internet...

I read. A lot. Four or five books as week. In the evening, on my lunch break, on the train, whenever I'm sitting and have nothing to do.

I collect tea. This doesn't sound like an activity but it means finding funky little tea shops (online and IRL). When I've got teas I taste them. First I have a cuppa then I try them against some of the others in my collection (I'm in the 90's now and am going to throw a big old tea party when I reach 100). I have to try adn do this in moderation as caffeine makes me mental but if I stick to gree, white and oolong for the main part I'm okay. When I've tasted them I make tasting notes, add my results to my Great Tea Spreadsheet and then show people the shiny graphs that show which teas I like best. Then I protest that I'm NOT a geek- honest!

I bake (it kind flows from the tea things, gotta have cake!) then I eat what I've made.

I go for walks in secluded natural beauty spots. As I live in Reading it took me some time of map perusal to find such places (most of Reading having people and being ugly) but I found them and now I go to them and pretend I'm the only living being in the universe!

I write stupid stories and poems. No one else sees them but they get crap out of my head.

If I'm sleepy during the day - which I often am, I too have faced the dreaded daytime napping monster- I have a shower. It takes up time and, usually, invigorates both my mind and my body. Or I have a bath and play with my rubber duckies, bath letters and clockwork fish. I did mention I was six at heart right?!

Oh and I spend lots of time losing at Scrabbulous! :op

It sounds as though you have a rather lovely life.

Thank you, I quite like it :o)

I like to read, but there's only so much time you can spend reading. And I assume you do that already :-)

I like doing puzzles (especially the ones in Games magazine). I keep meaning to try making puzzles, but I haven't yet.

I like to write code, when that time doesn't get sucked away by the procrastination monster.

I like to ride my bike, and explore new places, sometimes in tandem with each other. Although I guess it might be a couple months before biking would be conceivable where you live.

Writing? (beyond LJ posts.) You're a good writer.

After many bikeless years at university, I have recently re-embraced cycling since moving to London. And not just as practical transport (though it certainly is that). I've been doing 'insane' ~50km rides - yes, even in December - and thoroughly enjoying it in a semi-masochistic kind of way. My knees (which I generally have a hate-hate relationship with) and asthma[1] have never been better.

Not sure if it's a particularly rho-ish thing to do, but then I remember englishdude dying of shock when he discovered that I'd bought a bicycle, so it may be worth it purely for that. Not to mention that it involves enough geekable equipment not to count as 'PE' ;)

Cycling can be a wonderfully antisocial way of getting out and about, too. You don't need to interract with anyone any more than giving traffic signals and the Obligatory Nod to other cyclists[2].

[1] I find cycling is one of the few forms of excercise where I can regulate my power output precisely enough to avoid triggering an asthma attack. My natural walking pace is ever so slightly too fast for my lungs, especially if there's any kind of gradient.

[2] Except in London, or presumably other cities with a critical mass of cyclists. Round here you only uually get friendly acknowledgements on the off-road cycle paths.

I have been thinking about this recently in the light of finishing phd and becoming single. It seems that in order to be motivated to do something it has to have a people-related deadline/outcome: stuff I have promised to do for someone, or stuff I am intending to show somebody when its finished, or book that I need to return once i have read it. This is really quite pathetic and I wish it wasnt the case, but I dont seem to be able to get round it.

One thing that has worked well is making complicated(ish) presents for people to be ready for a certain occasion. And im planning to go to chinese classes.

I get up at 5:30 every day and Sharon picks me up at 6, and I'm in work by about 6:40am. I leave work at 5pm every day and get home at around 5:40. Once dinner is eaten it's about 6:30 or so, and then I am supposed to wash up (not just from that meal, from the day: it's my particular chore), although I often put it off a bit while I go to read LJ and spend a while on IRC. That usually gets all done by 7:40 or 8 or so, and then I have half an hour to an hour to do some work on Metacity/Joule/whatever before it's time to read to Rio at eight-thirty so she can be asleep by nine. That usually overruns a little so it's about 9:15 by the time it's done. Then I have another half-hour or so to hack on Metacity/Joule/whatever stuff before I have to start winding down for the night and taking pills and stuff; I try to get to bed not long after ten so that I get at least seven hours' sleep (although it doesn't always happen).

That would be how it would work if it was all to schedule, but unfortunately sometimes I lose focus and just sit around, and then I have less time to work on Metacity/Joule/stuff.

(I don't think I actually have anything I do with my spare time as such, more like a large stack of responsibilities that will soak up all the time I could ever throw at them, and which I don't even do a decent job with as it is. I'm not complaining about this.)

LiveJournal, coding, taking care of the kids, writing, messing around with video games, listening to music, reading.

Birdwatching, though less than I used to. This might be a good choice, since it almost forces you outdoors during daylight (though morning and evening are better times for seeing birds than the middle of the day). I read a lot. I occasionally fiddle with jewelry-making (simple stuff, mostly about figuring out which beads would look good together on earrings). I work out some. Baking now and then (again, nothing terribly complicated, but it's another thing that would get you out of the bedroom, and produce concrete results fairly quickly).

When I'm not working, I write a lot. It's one of my biggest and long-running past-times. I suppose I'm not quite supposed to call it a hobby anymore as I'm semi-professional at it, but it started as a hobby.

I also collect music (mostly vinyl LPs, 7" and 12" singles but also CD albums and singles). I have a thing for collecting basques and corsets, particularly older basques from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Reading is another hobby, as is photography and fiddling with computers.

Oh, and I also build model railways from scratch.

I'm no better.

Read a lot. Browse used bookstores. Get my nails done occasionally. Get groceries for the house and cook them. Nap. Play online Scrabble. Tutor Alicia through her homework. Ditto for Jules. Sort mail. Answer mail, pay old bills. Write holiday cards.

On Mondays I go swimming. A mile every week and I'm working on bringing my time down.

On Tuesdays I do Scottish Country Dancing. This appeals to my interest in maths, because of the symmetry and the way the patterns all work to get everyone into the right place at the end of each round.

On alternate Thursdays I either go to Toastmasters (a public speaking club) to boost my confidence and communication skills or run a Scion roleplaying game.

On Sunday nights I play Dungeons and Dragons.

When I'm not doing all that I write plot for my Scion game, roleplay online, read books, watch movies, go round to a friend's to talk or play Guitar Hero, occasionally do sewing or beadwork, go shopping, go to the library, sing, play my bodhran...

I could use a few extra days a week really.

I read lots, I spend far too much time on IRC and I build things (either code, or physical hardware.)

(Deleted comment)
GW, crochet, learning to knit, write. Other stuff, but not often enough to constitute a 'hobby'.

Cooking is great for that feeling like you've created something that's taken some effort but with quick results compared to most other forms of making things. It is nice and different from all the intellectual/computer-based stuff that I do. Exercise takes up a fair proportion of my spare time too when I'm not doing obvious stuff like internet/programming/reading.

I'm a horrible example. I pretty much spend every waking hour on the internet (whether it's IRC, GW, LJ, or something else), sometimes skipping class to sleep or do that, sometimes skipping sleep to do that. Uh, other than that, I travel a little but not as much as I'd like.

It's probably obvious from my journal, but I like to sew things!

I also play Scrabble/Scrabulous, write songs (slightly more than a hobby) and go for walks. And do art (mostly collage) and yoga and bake stuff.

Oh yeah (inspired by other posters), and I run a D&D campaign!

In my copious free time, I read LJ, help run the local LARP society, talk to people on IRC, play Warcrack and occasionally other computer games, read random crap on the Internet, whine copiously about how I'm bored and simultaneously there is never enough time to get anything done, and stalk around the house trying not to eat chocolate. Occasionally my friends say 'hello we are dragging you out of the house now' and I go walking or go somewhere nice for a meal or go to someone's house to talk to the people I talk to on IRC but in person this time. That's probably not much help.

Sometimes I just sleep...

But when I have effort (and money) I sew things. Also I read. Sometimes I get ENOEFFORT and just sit and play puzzle pirates.

good question. and we don't know because we've been losing considerable amounts of time. but there's a few tv shows we've gotten in the habit of watching when we're awake when they're on (sometimes we go to bed on time). Prison Break and CSI Miami. And when we want to leave the house we do it on rollerblades. sometimes we go to Boci (a cheap student restaurant) and have food and use the internet. occasionally, we show up for class. we play UnReal World on the computer or some other game and listen to music. we are also dividing the cleaning into days so the house might have a chance of getting clean. possibly. So far, Saturday (Cage Cleaning Day) and Sunday (Laundry day) are taken care of most well but "dish washing day" (Monday) tends to get skipped and Tuesday is paper control day and I haven't done any paper control today. wednesday is trash day and thursday is vacuuming day (i think, i might be mixing thursday and friday) and friday is dusting and window washing day (or i've mixed it).

i read a lot from project gutenberg i download old stuff and read it. i downloaded something on housekeeping but things have changed a bit since 1890 and i couldn't find anything that applied. "washing day should be monday because clothes are generally changed on sunday" (well, i do sometimes change my clothes weekly but not for religious reasons). and a bit about lamps but it seemed to mean kerosene lamps. and a bit about stoves, but the kind that use coal.

i play with the little animals.

and sometimes i just stay in bed for 20 hours at a time and don't move and when i do that i always wish i could just stay in bed forever.

i found the little degu making sex with the little guinea pig and i don't know if that's right or not or if the guinea pig enjoyed it or not but it seemed a bit non sequitur.

i dont do very much

I suspect this will not be helpful, but it might be vaguely interesting to you :) It's going to be outdated as of this Friday, but this is what I've been doing with myself for the past two months. Probably in far too much detail.

On weeks when I have class (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off), I get up at 7am, make tea, eat something often not that breakfast-appropriate, check email, IRC, LJ and Facebook very briefly, get dressed and ready, leave the house at about 8:15am. Walk a few minutes to the bus stop. Wait for bus. Get bus to tube station (it's only just over a mile away so this bit doesn't usually take long). Get on tube, ideally at 8:30am, but it varies. If I'm very lucky, a tube at 8:50am will get me there not too late, but it's not ideal. Get to class hopefully before 9:30am. Have learnins until 11am, 15/20min break, more learnins, lunch at 1pm for an hour, learnins 'til 3pm, 'nother break, learnins, leave at 4:30-5pm. The breaks also double as social time, because I like many people I'm in class with. Sometimes lurk around talking to classmates or the recruitment people or suchlike after class, get the tube home (changing at Moorgate if I'm on my own or King's Cross if I'm being sociable and travelling with one of the three who take the Met line). Get home at about 6pm. Read and listen to music on the tube as well. On the bus I usually listen to music but not read because it's not really worth it, plus I'm more susceptible to travel sickness on buses.

When I get home I immediately couchify myself, and catch up on email/IRC/LJ/etc (right now I'm on skip 150. It's a bit of a mission). Quite often I'll watch an ep or two of downloaded TV. I usually talk to Matt for a bit if he's in, usually while we do our respective computer-based activities, before going to bed at 11pm or so. And I have dinner in there somewhere. On Fridays we (Just IT people) usually go to the pub for a few hours, if not closing time at 11pm (or on Tuesdays, if there's a Christmas party with free drinks...). Saturdays are usually quiet and recovering from the night before, doing lazy things like lurking around on the computer and watching TV. I don't quite know how I manage to fill the weekends, to be honest.

My weeks off are much less structured. I usually sleep in, often past noon, making it very difficult to switch back to class time. I usually put off revision with various procrastination activities, but nothing of note that I've not already mentioned. Aside from the concerts I've been going to lately, and the occasional social activity. I do the odd exam, when I've actually managed to hit the books and past tests for a bit.

I have no more class after Friday, and only one more Just IT related commitment that I know of (next Friday, graduation day, followed of course by the pub and a big night out). I've got three exams left. I don't quite know what I'm going to do with my time, when I'm going to do it, or indeed where. I'm planning to go home to Cornwall for about a week for Christmas, then I start my work placement on 7th Jan! 9am-6pm, therefore leaving the house at 7:45am :x Going to have to be much more disciplined with my bedtimes.

On the topic of knitting, I still have a ball of purple wool and some needles here for you from mattp :)

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