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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Bodily functions
delirium happy
OK, so I've recently been trying to improve my diet somewhat. One of the ways that I've been doing this is by eating more fruit and vegetables. I have been noticing the effects that increased fibre consumption is having on my bowel movements. Specifically, my faeces are tending towards semi-liquid quite regularly, and are being entirely liquid way more often than I would like. They also smell significantly more unpleasant than I'm used to.

Now, I'm well aware that changes to diet can do this sort of thing, so I'm not particularly worried or anything. However, I am curious. Does anyone know whether this is:

1. Normal behaviour for excreta with a healthy diet, which I'm just not used to.
2. A temporary thing while my intestinal bacteria adjust to their new environment.
3. Something weird and freaky about me that I'll just have to live with.

I mean, people don't generally tend to talk about the consistency of their stools very often so I really don't have anything to go on as a reference point. Plus, I'm too lazy to start googling for information when I can just ask you people instead.

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I don't think it's "normal" but it might be temporary while you adjust to the new diet - I'd see a doctor about it if it goes on for months and months.

There is a wonderful thing called the Bristol stool scale for just this sort of purpose. (I love the fact that it exists, and that Wikipedia knows about it...)

Anyway. Changing diet will tend to mess with your bowel habits a bit, but it's usually only temporary. If it persists you should perhaps worry. I know that I always get a touch of diarrhoea at the end of Passover, when I reintroduce bread, rice and pasta again after avoiding them for a week. But only for a few days. So my completely unqualified opinion is that 2 is the most likely.

In that case, I'd say that I used to be typically between a type 2 and a type 3, sometimes tending more towards a type 1, but that I've recently been having quite a lot of type 6 and some type 7.

Liquid certainly isn't normal over the long term, but it's probably just your body adjusting. Also as for the smell, different vegetables especially can have this effect.

Seconding those who say it's that your body is adjusting to new feeding habits

+1... moving in with a vegetarian did this to me for a while, and now my occasional carnivore days will do it too. The rest of the time, things settle down after a day or two.

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