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Hobbies, part 2

I figured that the best way to go about looking over the list of hobbies and activities that people mentioned when I asked about it on Monday was for me to compile a list of everything mentioned, and then go through them one by one. That way I think I'm less likely to miss things, more likely to think things through, and less likely to rationalise stupid reasons not to do things.

Knitting -- I'm already planning on giving this a go. Current status is that emmavescence has some yarn and needles, kindly donated by mattp which she's going to stick in the post for me at some point. Once I've got that, and possibly tried to get started, I'm then going to figure out what I need.

Jewellery making -- This doesn't really appeal to me. Possibly this is because I really just don't have a clue exactly what it entails. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Internet -- I already spend quite a bit of time on this one. You'd never have guessed, would you?

Reading -- I do quite a bit of this one too. I want to get back into the habit of reading somewhat more regularly than I currently do, mind. I tend to go through phases where I'll read a book a day for a week or two, then nothing for a couple of weeks. Just need to try to adjust my habits to be more balanced.

Collecting -- I find it far too amusing that the two items that my friends mentioned collecting were tea and basques. I think this says everything anyone would ever need to know about my friends. However, I'm not sure that collecting is for me. Though I will admit that there definitely is a temptation to build up an army of sheep. I currently own five different sheep, I think, ranging from cuddly toys to fridge magnets to ornaments. This is probably something that I'd be more inclined to add to on a whim, as and when I see potential additions, rather than something to actively spend time pursuing.

Baking -- This definitely does appeal, not least because the end results are yummy. I do have something of a problem though in that I don't currently have a working oven. That said though, I actually measured my oven earlier today, to give the dimensions to my dad, who's going to look for a new one for me, so there is actually some progress on that front. For now, this one is a non-starter, though.

Going for walks -- Not really one that appeals. Too many bad memories of being dragged on walks when I was little, in hand-me-down waterproofs that weren't and leaky wellies, going further and faster than I could physically keep up with. Plus that I don't know where are nice walks around here. Plus, there's the whole "outside" thing that I have issues with.

Writing -- The problem that I always seem to have with writing is figuring out what I want to write. I'm feeling somewhat burned out on the essaying side of writing at the moment, and I've never really got anywhere in attempts to write fiction. Possibly something that's worth giving another go, though. Possibly if I spent more time on it I'd find that I did actually have stories in me that needed to be told.

Scrabble -- Another one that I already do. Today I made the word "sheltas" for 96 points.

Puzzles -- This is a superb suggestion. I love puzzles and don't do nearly enough of them. I should hunt down a good source of puzzles, I think. Any suggestions?

Coding -- I've tried to get into this several times, but never succeeded. From the bits that I've done as parts of courses, though, I think it's something I'd be good at. The problem I always have is that I always find myself at a stage where typical learning exercises are too simple and boring, but actually doing anything useful is too complicated, so I stall. Possibly I should give this Yet Another attempt, and see if I can stick to it a bit better this time. One thing that I would actually like to do is write a roguelike game. Possibly I should just dive in and attempt something like that straight off the bat. Sure I'd produce some ungodly ugly code in the process, but hey. It's not as if it hasn't been done before (Crawl was written by someone teaching himself to program).

Bike riding -- The line I like to drag out here is that I used to know how to ride a bike but that I've forgotten how. This isn't 100% true, but it's fairly close. When I was about 10 or so, I could ride a bike reasonably well, although I did fail my cycling proficiency test for being somewhat unsteady. I then didn't ride a bike again until I was 17, at which point I went out on one when I was in Iceland and was really unsteady and barely able to stay on at all. And I haven't ridden one since then. I really don't feel like attempting to teach myself to cycle.

Learning a language -- I've tried this once or twice and got absolutely nowhere. I think this is something I'd have to take a class for in order to do properly and I don't really want to do that.

Computer and video games -- spend way too much time with these already.

Birdwatching -- Just doesn't appeal to me.

Photography -- I think I lack the photography gene. I have a camera, and I occasionally take pictures with it, though they're always of the quick snaps type, rather than anything that I'd really think of as photography.

Model railways -- I actually think this sounds rather fun. Though I'm fairly sure it would require significantly more space than I have available here, so it's a non-starter.

Browsing book stores -- That's what Amazon is for, isn't it?

Getting nails done -- This is something that I want to do at least once, to see how it agrees with me, and I suspect it would be good for my self-confidence and stuff, but that's definitely going to wait until I'm more at ease with myself.

Swimming -- There's the dressing room problem here, big time. Non-starter, as far as I can see. (Though I haven't been swimming in almost 10 years, and kind of miss it occasionally.)

Dancing -- Does sound like one of the funner ways to get exercise, though rather too social for me at the current time.

Role playing -- Is something that I'd definitely like to try properly. I've done a bit of roleplaying in my past, but never a proper full campaign or anything, and I think I'd enjoy it. Requires people to play with, which I don't have though. Possibly could consider doing some online, but I don't think that's likely to be as entertaining as tabletop.

Sewing -- Is something that I might find interesting, but is similarish to knitting, so I think I'll stick with just the knitting for now.

Crochet -- See sewing.

Beadwork -- I'm actually completely uncertain as to what this is. Anyone care to help me out?

Music -- People mentioned singing (I suck at singing), song-writing (never tried it, but I bet I'd suck even worse at that) and musical instruments. Learning a musical instrument is possible, but I'd feel uneasy with the investment required to buy an instrument in the first place only to try it and then possibly discover I didn't care for it. Possibly worth looking into different instruments to see if anything I could pick up cheap appeals to me. (The two instruments that appeal to me most, I think, would be saxophone and drums. And I'm fairly sure neither of them are cheap. Though could be wrong.)

Taking care of and playing with pets -- I'm generally not much of an animal person, though I do enjoy animal company a lot more than I used to. I got on really well with amanda's cat, Snowball, for instance. I do sometimes consider getting some sort of a pet, but ultimately, my main feeling here is that I'm not stable enough that I'd trust myself to properly take care of an animal, so that rules that one out.

TV and movies -- Another one I already do. My DVD collection is fairly impressive.

Cooking -- This is a possible. I do like to experiment with combinations of flavours, which I usually do in the form of sandwiches (today's sandwich was French mustard, melted goat's cheese and ham). I'm also trying to be somewhat more adventurous with stuff that I actually cook, and learning more techniques would probably be a good thing. Don't really know where to start though, and the lack of an oven is an issue again (though less than with baking, since I do have a hob, a microwave, and a George Foreman grill).

Political Campaigning -- The main reason why I'd not even think about this is that I don't actually know of any political party in this country that I actually like and agree with enough to fully support.

Travel -- I think I wrote recently about why I don't travel abroad, but I probably could stand to see more of this country. Possibly I should go visit people more often, or something.

Phew. Think that will do for now. Will go through the ones I made positive noises about some other time (probably tomorrow) and figure out what the next steps are.
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