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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Ow :(
delirium happy
At some point in humanity's dim and distant past, some bright spark though "hey, this shuffling around on all fours business is a bit of a drag; I think I'll try walking around on two legs instead!" Right now, I feel like getting in a time machine, going back to meet this individual, and beating her about the head with a crowbar.

Our body shape just isn't very well adjusted to walking upright. A few hundred million years of tetrapod evolution to make us wonderfully well adapted to getting around on all fours, but no, that's just not good enough. We're all super special and need to stand up, so biomechanics be damned.

All of which is a long and convoluted way of saying: ow.

My body is not happy today. I'm used to having a bad back, but today it's been joined by dull achey pains all up the right hand side of my body. My foot is sore, as is my calf, my hip, my shoulder and my forearm. I'm not sure what I could have been doing to upset my body so much, but it feels like the sort of pain from awkward motions that the body wasn't designed for. Grumble.

My sympathy and admiration to anyone reading this who has to put up with pain on a day to day basis.

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Owie! This is no good. I prescribe a strong course of a hot bath, some hot chocolate, and looking at this picture of a piglet squid.

For what it's worth, I know Alexander and Feldenkrais teachers who think back problems are mostly the result of civilization (lack of varied movement) rather than evolution's mistake.

You might like Awareness Heals.

Pain for a couple of days is terrible. You FEEL it and wish it would go away. When you live with pain on a daily basis, it kind of fades into the background, at least until something says, "look at me!" Then you sort of realize just how much pain you've been in. You don't fully recognize the extent of your pain until you are not in pain anymore.

Here's hoping your pain stops sometime soon.

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