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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I went and had my face shot with lasers today. Then I went to visit leahs_whisper, since she's in Bolton and has been nagging me to visit for ages. I also got to meet beckyrachel, who was also up visiting leahs_whisper. Checked train times back up to Lancaster and there were lots of trains up until very late, though I had to change at Preston. Got on train, got off at Preston, all trains to Lancaster seem to have disappeared into the aether. Oops. Go outside to find a taxi, and ask how much it would be to get to Lancaster. About £45. Double oops. I only have about £20 on me. Triple oops. I ended up getting the taxi back to Chorley instead, where I am now safe and sound in my parents' house. They're away today, and will doubtless be very very surprised when they come home tomorrow to find me here.

Fuller report on today's activity may follow at a time when I'm less exhausted.

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Still, at least it wasn't Crewe.

"What on earth? There's a rho in here!"

Back when I lived in Eugene and had no car, there was a section of town that it was very, very easy to get a bus to... and yet somehow nearly impossible to get a bus away from. I never quite figured out how that worked, but on one notable occasion it resulted in me having to walk some ridiculous distance to the main station downtown after dark. I was not amused.

Eeek! But.. but... but... The website said there were trains! Am glad you're OK and please feel free to drop in again :)

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