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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I have an appointment to have my hair cut. On Tuesday. At 1pm. Making the phone call was one of the most nerve-racking things that I've done in years. Literally. I'd decided that I was going to do it today come hell or high water, but ended up procrastinating it until about 16.50. Then when I did call I was stuttering and stammering and tripping over my own tongue a lot. Still, done now. All I have to do now is actually turn up and be terrified again on Tuesday. I guess that means I have 5 days to figure out what style I want it cutting as.

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I am proud of you for making the appointment. Go rho!

As to the style... at a salon of that caliber, the stylists will be experts, most likely. Ask your stylist what style she suggests to fit your image and care requirements. Do you want to spend 20 minutes (or more) every morning fixing it? Or do you need a wash-n-go style? Are you adamantly opposed to short locks? Medium length? Go in and tell her what you don't want, then let her work her magic. I enjoy trusting the professionals to do what they do. They're good at it, if not miracle workers! That's why they get lots of money for doing it.

I have read this and applaud. Also, do you have your anti-depressants?

Go you :) If I was closer I'd offer to come with you (not least because I want a haircut too...). Instead I shall provide moral support on IRC before and after :)

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