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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
So that haircut thing, then? Since I know that you're all going to bug me for pictures anyway, I suppose I may as well get that out of the way first.

It is a truly terrible photograph, in the finest tradition of self-taken photographs. Add to that the post haircut fatigue syndrome I was suffering, the fact that I really needed to go to bed, and having to wrestle with my camera to actually convince it to work, and you get a less-than-stellar result. Hopefully it's sufficiently good to give you an idea of what my hair looks like now and not give anyone permanent retinal damage.

The actual experience of getting my hair cut was less horrible than I had feared. For starters, I didn't die a gruesome and horrific death, which is a plus point that is not to be overlooked. Furthermore, I didn't have a panic attack, get lynched by an angry mob, get given a buzz-cut, have my ear cut off, or have a microscopic primordial black hole fly through my head and implode my brain. All of these were very real concerns.

That said, though, it wasn't altogether a pleasant experience. I was very on edge and anxious through the whole thing. Hopefully having managed to get through it this once without any major incident I'll be able to be more relaxed next time around.

I didn't particularly like the salon either. It felt too big and impersonal, which wasn't really what I needed when I was feeling uncomfortable and unable to relax. Another problem with this was that I didn't really feel able to properly communicate what I was looking for. Instead I just sat there in a daze nodding at anything my stylist suggested. Of course, since I hadn't a clue what I wanted, this isn't too big a problem, but I can't help but feel that I'd have ended up with something I liked better if I'd felt more comfortable communicating.

I've not decided yet whether I like it or not. Will doubtless take me a few days of getting used to before I decide. Things like this always do. If nothing else, though, it's shorter and neater and should hopefully be easier to keep tidy now, which is definitely a win.

It also means that I don't need to have it cut again until 2012, right? No, I didn't think so. Hopefully having taken the first step, I'll not let it get quite so out of control again this time. Maybe.

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I very much like it. Looks healthier and happier now!

The offer to let you braid it if ever you find yourself in England still stands. :)

It looks good! It has the length and it has the curls.

Is muchly cute! It looks springier and curlier. :)

Clearly at some point we are also going to need a picture of what it looks like in back.

Just out of curiosity, recisely how many different angles of my hair would I need to photograph before you were satisfied?

I suppose that would depend on how likely I am to be successful if I claim to need one from the back, one from each side, and one from above. ;)~

Well, given how much difficulty I had managing to point a camera at myself from the front, I can only surmise that if I tried to take a picture of the top of my head, I'd actually end up with a photo of something three timezones over from here. So probably not terribly successful.

PS. AIM? Scrabble?

Mph. Personally, I think it would give you an excellent excuse to hang a camera from the ceiling, and who wouldn't want to do that? But to each their own; suppose I were willing to settle for just the back and sides?

p.s. An excellent suggestion! Soon's I finish filling the sink with soapy water. :)

I'm afraid I'm going to have to accuse you of not having thought this one through properly. I mean, were I to hang a camera from the ceiling, how would I then operate it? I can't reach that high, and while I suppose that I could climb on something and use the timer feature thingy, I don't believe I'd then have time to climb down and correctly position myself under the camera.

Another possibility I considered was to use some sort of elaborate mechanical doohickey to press the button. However, on considering this, I realised that any pressure applied to the suspended camera would be more likely to push it to one side rather than actually push the button. While technically this could be remedied by having some sort of solid object on the other side of the camera, I feel that this would mean the camera would no longer qualify as being hung.

Naturally I just assumed that you would use the methods of Rube Goldberg and come up with some brilliant, absurdly circuitous method of pressing the button without disturbing the camera in the least. Barring that, I suppose you could use some sort of pincer-like device that would brace the camera against swinging even as it depressed the button. Perhaps you could genetically engineer some sort of photographer-crab?

(Theoretically, you could also hang the camera in reach, hit the timer, and then duck under it. But that is such an absurdly practical-sounding suggestion that I scorn to actually suggest it.)

This was an attempt to photograph the back of my hair. Yeah. I managed it in the end by setting the timer, putting the camera on the windowsill, and hunching down so my head was actually in the frame. It takes a lot of tries.

Pretty :D I like it a lot.

go you for doing it and coming back in one piece. ^_^

That's looking really healthy and shiny - much more life in it. Is your hair normally that curly, or did she do something to it?

It's naturally curly, but length, gravity, and neglect have tended to straighten it. All she did was put in some random styling product, twirl it around her fingers a bit and dry it with a diffuser and poof, it was full of curls.

Cor... you realise that there are loads of women out there who would kill to have hair that does that? :D

Oh, I know. Though of course, every woman who has hair like mine really really wants straight hair. It's a grass is always greener thing.

Life would be so much easier if people could trade body parts. Like kids trade sandwiches from packed lunches.

"Trade you my curly hair for your chocolate bar?"

Personally, I just want to be a changeling, like Odo from DS9, so I can change to whatever I feel like when I feel like it.

Hmmm, good point. Though he never was very good at the whole human thing. Now, Mystique from the X-Men, she's got that part down. But Odo has the edge with other forms. Hmmmm... T1000 from T2? :D

"Warning: homicidal tendencies not included as standard."

I agree. Great look and nice shorter while still being feminine :D

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