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Bad poetry of the day
delirium happy
Talking on IRC earlier, isabeau mentioned the difficulty of writing a limerick with the first line ending in "Blitzen". Naturally, I had to take up this challenge, and cannot resist sharing the result:

There once was a deer called Blitzen
Who quite liked to celebrate Whitsun
Though Christmas was better
When wrapped in his sweater
With an excuse for putting his mitts on

(Less than two months to go until Valentine's day. I need to get my bad poetry muscles flexed and ready)

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Now one with a first line ending in orange! Or a villanelle about tinsel.

William III, Prince of Orange
Once injured himself on a door hinge
The pain in his finger
Did horribly linger
'Til he was poked in the arm by a syringe

(I can't remember the form of a villanelle and suspect I'm too lazy to look it up)

To this I respond
In the only way I can
With a bad haiku

Oh, I love haiku
An appropriate response
To everything


There once was a reindeer named Blitzen
Who fouled up his pants with a shitsin
He fell to the grass
to wipe up his ass
And now he's in heavenly blissin.

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