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No. Just no.
delirium pissed off
OK. That's it. Somebody stop the planet. I want to get off.

Within the space of a few days, I have now seen sing-along suicide bomber DVDs for kids and now sing-along homophobia courtesy of Fred Phelps also including shameless use of a cute little girl.

Seriously, I want nothing to do with this planet or humanity any more.

Although, I am left wondering if anyone does a nice "Fred Phelps hates me" t-shirt. Or possibly just a nice little banner image type thing saying "hated by Fred Phelps". If not, then someone should.

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I am not following either link, because I am feeling reasonably good about the planet and much of humanity--which, remember, includes you. And of course those bastards are aiming at children: if you listen to their propaganda about the so-called "homosexual agenda", a lot of it is "we have to teach hate young". They aren't worried that we're going to teach a six-year-old how two women have sex, they're worried that we're going to teach that six-year-old that those two women love each other and are married and it's good.

Cafe Press makes it pretty feasible to produce custom t-shirts.

There are just so many things wrong with that second one...words fail me.

I can't bring myself to click the sing-along homophobia link, because I just don't have the energy to headdesk repeatedly right now. I would, however, proudly wear a 'Fred Phelps Hates Me' t-shirt. :D A 'Thank God Fred Phelps Hates Me' t-shirt also has an amusing ring to it on several levels.

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