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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
Poll #1110121 The big O

Today is global orgasm day. Will you be participating?


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Actually, I think I missed it; it was 4 hours ago. (6am GMT.)

And you're going to let a little insignificant fact like that stop you?

Dammit, I was premature!

I participated unknowingly (and about 8 hours late).

Consider my contribution to global orgasm day made. Now I need a cigarette. Actually, it was so good I'm going to go nextdoor and see if the neighbours want one too.

I like to treat everyday as global orgasm day.

Was that an over share?!

Missed the actual time. Too tired. Too much effort.

Took care of it early, without even knowing it was global orgasm day. I am that good. :P

Tina Fey: A small town in Brazil declared this past Monday "Orgasm Day." I think that came early this year...

Tina Fey: Did you, uh, did you celebrate Orgasm Day?

Amy Poehler: I pretended to.

(Deleted comment)
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