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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Ho. Ho. Bleeding. Ho.
delirium happy
You know how one of the clichés whenever someone is going through a bad time is to think "well, it could always be worse" or "someone out there is having a worse time than I am"? Well, for everyone who, like me, didn't enjoy Christmas this year, for whatever reason, take heart. Courtesy of metro_weird, I bring you that one guy whose Christmas was worse than anyone else's.

(And yes, I know that Metro is about as reliable as the man down the pub whose friend's cousin once read somewhere that... but it amuses me even so.)

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Face first into their own excrement. I have to admit that I've been dreaming about a few people meeting that fate lately. :D

Guess he had a shitty Christmas, huh.

(Deleted comment)

When they said "in order to find a clog", my first thought was to wonder why he'd dropped his shoe in there anyway.

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