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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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How to give yourself GID in one easy step
delirium happy
This story, via improbable_blog, breaks my brain. I can't quite decide what I make of it, though, other than "what the fuck?" and "how stupid are you?"

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female hormones make you wear dresses... uuuuh huh.


I would have commented on the individual bits of stupid, but there were just too many of them.

Yeah, exactly. Something about this has to be wrong. I don't see why taking estrogen would make a cis guy wear dresses and (lol) turn gay.

Actually, I can sort of believe it. Just. I've heard enough stories of people changing sexuality after being on hormones to believe that that's possible, and if the guy was dumb enough to take them in the first place and not stop when he noticed adverse effects, then I wouldn't put it past him to think "oh no, I'm turning into a woman, so I must wear dresses!" I can't see how it could make any sane cis guy wear dresses, but that clearly isn't what we're talking about here. I'm still not discounting the possibility that this is a genuine story about momentous stupidity.

I thought some transpeople's sexual prefences changed with transition? I'd not think it totally odd that your hormones might effect your sexual rsponse. But wearing dresses? nuhuh.

(Deleted comment)
Unfortunately, my knowledge of leftpondian newspapers is severely lacking, so I'm not so good at judging credibility of sources.

However, you are right in your second paragraph. I'm thinking he would make a wonderful contribution to the Darwin Awards.

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