ρ (rho) wrote,

Bad day is bad.

I was right this morning. Today has been an absolutely lousy day.

I've not managed to properly wake up all day, have spent half the day napping, and have royally screwed up my sleep patterns in the process.

I've had absolutely no appetite, and when I have forced myself to eat something, I've felt vaguely nauseous afterwards.

Bad brain day. Seriously bad brain day. It's interpreting everything that anyone says in the worst light possible, and trying to convince myself, on the most threadbare of circumstantial evidence that all my friends are out to get me, and that they're all talking about me behind my back. Plus, I'm feeling about as desirable as a mouldy herring.

I think I might be coming down with a toothache.

On the plus side, this may be the best schadenfreude since Paris Hilton's incarceration.

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