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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Not dead
delirium happy
Ooops. I've gone and done that whole "dropping off the face of the earth" thing again, haven't I? And I was doing so well with the regular updates too. Oh well. Given that one person has commented asking if I was OK (thanks for the concern, Red), I figure that there are probably several more who have been thinking about it but not said anything. I guess that means I ought to reassure you all that I'm not dead.

I'm not dead.

I just haven't been feeling very sociable or communicative of late. Lots of little minor things have been annoying me beyond rational measure, and people who I usually like have been pissing me off. I'm fairly sure that this is my issue not theirs, since it's happening with way too many people at once for me to figure it as coincidence. So I'm mostly keeping myself hermitted away, avoiding people, and the dramas they inevitably cause, and fine tuning my ambitions to be a crazy cat-lady when I grow up. Learning to get on well with cats is probably the first step.

Other than the desire to have nothing to do with the rest of humanity, I'm actually fairly chipper. My sleep patterns are reasonable at the moment, as is my diet. I had my second session of laser hair removal on Saturday, and I continue to see my therapist. My mental health does seem to be gradually improving, even if the antisocialness of the moment could be seen as a step back. Oh well.

Have become addicted to Lego Star Wars on the Wii recently, and have also become re-addicted to Guild Wars. The latter is entirely kamara's fault. And stuff. There's probably plenty of other stuff I could report on, but nothing springs to mind. So I'll just reiterate that I'm not dead, and state an intent to update more regularly again.

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Phew, glad to hear you're okay. :)

Also, do we have proof that you aren't dead? Because for all we know, you could be zombie!rho. *nodnods*

I'm addicted to Super Mario Galaxy, but I don't know what I'm going to do when I get those last 10 stars.

I rented Lego Star Wars this week, and John has played it every night. Too bad it has to go back. I had fun watching him even though I didn't really play that much.

Looks like I have to add one to my list to buy. :)

Yay. Am glad you're not dead otherwise I'd wonder who I'd been playing with for the past few weeks.

And yes, I'll totally take that blame :D Which reminds me! 10 zones! We can totally get this done by Sunday >_>.

I expect that the following statement will shock you: I heartily approve of and applaud your cat-lady ambition.

Also: I am playing Fire Emblem again, and at least half the reason is to get a good shot of one of the characters to make an LJ icon from. </hopeless>

Delighted to hear you're alive and well.. Hope you'll prod me again soon, as it'd be a pleasure to beat you at MarioKart some more :)

Well, you already managed to make one feline friend - so I have every confidence you can do it again. ;)

Knew you weren't dead - since I'd seen you randomly chatting in IRC, but I have missed chatting to you. :(

Antisociality != mental health.

I'm very glad you're alive, and hope that things continue to be 'ok' for you. Maybe using your energy to mental health is needed right now, rather than more sociability...

(Deleted comment)
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