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delirium happy

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Retro is chic, right?
delirium happy

That's what I have my start menu set up in Windows XP. Opinions on this style of start menu seem to be strongly divided. On the one hand, some people tend to agree with me, that an operating system is significantly better without all the teletubbification that comes with Windows XP by default. On the other people some people have asked me why I would possibly want to make my windows look like the ugly monstrosity that was Windows 95. So I'm curious.

Poll #1142183 Start menu

What do you think of this start menu?


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Where's the option for "both"?

Deliberately omitted in a futile attempt to get people to be decisive. :)


But at work, where I use a WinXP box, that's what my Start menu looks like.

At home, I have a Mac, and use nice plain dock icon popup menus a fair bit.

Teletubbification should die. Though I don't have the blue strip down the side of my classic setting... it makes it less ugly. :D

That, yeah. I hate the blue bar; it makes the start menu too big. (Incidentally I don't like the default color scheme, either. Marine all the way.)

I have mine set to that... one of the first things I change on a new box.

I don't mind the teletubbification (what a great word) but I hate the way it hogs resources. Not that I'm suffering for RAM these days, but old habits die hard. On a new computer I almost always switch to Windows Classic start menu and taskar, unless it's a laptop that will be seen at Microsoft (they're one of our clients). Those have to look like we're huge MS fans and love every bit of glitter they make.


Missing option 3: Scrabble?

Ugly but blue teletubbies are evil. I have a relatively sleek skin, which is better than both options :)

Set it to small icons to lose the blue "Windows XP" bar on the left, and it is what I use.

Then again, I don't use my PC for anything other than gaming, so the OS appearance is one of the least important things to me.

less xp ugly, more 98se classic style!

note this, understated functional elegance ^_-

Not only functional, but exactly as I have mine. Colour as well.

*shrug* I've got used to the fact that the 'new-style' start menu lists your most-frequently-used programs, because those are, nearly always, the programs I want to use.

I cranked up the number of entries showed higher, which means I have a really tall Start menu, but it also means that slightly-lesser-used programs don't drop off so quickly.

I think that makes it more functional for me. I don't really compare the eye-candy aspects of the two styles; the new one wins for me on functionality.

Looks just like the start menu on my computers, except I get rid of the advert for the operating system up the side. I use Win98SE with a lot of customisation and absolutely no system-hogging teletubbification.

Not voting because I rarely boot into Windows these days, but yeah, I'm with the other people who have it exactly like that minus rthe hideous blue bar.

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