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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I think it was something to do with orthopaedic stockings
delirium happy
Since I can't sleep, and am annoyed by this fact, I want to share this video with you, together with my nomination for "most alarming song and video in the history and future of this and all other universes".

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I am thanking my lucky stars that I took Spanish, French, and Mandarin in school...not German. But honestly, it just makes me think of a more-overweight, more-balding Neil Diamond. Meh.

Oh god yes... I haven't seen that for far too long. All hail YouTube.

I was actually thinking of this song just the other day - rather disturbingly, it's because I realised that one of my latest FAWM songs was very slightly musically influenced by it.

Incidentally, the Orthopaedic Stockings were his backing band. The song itself is about how whenever you're sad, he'll come over and cheer you up by singing and offering you obscure German confectionery.

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