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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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We actually had a Betamax when I was a kid
delirium happy
HD DVD vs Blu Ray format war is over. I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone else mention this story, and I almost managed to miss it entirely. Toshiba are abandoning their HD DVD format, leaving Blu Ray as the winner of the format war. Hurrah and about bloody time, if you ask me. Now that I know that I'm not going to be left with an overpriced paperweight, I might actually consider buying one of the things. Of course, after considering it, I'll decide that they're still way more expensive than they're worth, and entirely useless since I don't have an HD TV, but that's besides the point.

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Having experienced 36 HD shiny, my take on the whole thing is pretty much "TV you have to put your glasses on for". Which isn't inherently a bad thing - it can be visually stunning, and it seems that the BBC HD channel is worth it entirely for non-wanky bitrates[1] - but as such I'm going to hold off until such a time as I need to wear glasses for SD telly[2].

(There's a rant about tellies that can't accept VGA/DVI input at multiples of 50Hz[3] here that I'll mostly leave as an excercise for the reader.)

HD-DVD was of course doomed from the outset by being technically superior and not having "Blu" in the name...

[1] Later With Jools Holland isn't an almost constant mess of MPEG aretfacts, for example.

[2] Or the magic blue smoke escapes from the telly, whichever happens first.

[3] That which our TV is interlaced for, for any leftpondians reading.

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