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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Pun about the earth moving goes here.
delirium happy
The last three entries on my friends page are all saying "OMGWTFBBQ, earthquake in England?" Of course, I felt it here too, but I just thought "gosh, that's a strong gust of wind". Either it's difficult to tell the difference in the fourth floor of a block of flats, or I'm just incredibly dense. Still, first time I've ever actually felt an earthquake, so I think that counts as neat.

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my first earthquake was very weird, too. cept I was drugged with a bunch of Vicodin so my wtfbbq meter went CRAZY wild.

Oh yes, it moved. And just wow!

Bah. I've never felt an earthquake, and I live right next to California! *grumble*

If it makes you feel any better, the only notable earthquake that's hit where I live (just outside the Bay Area), I've slept through. (I was having an afternoon nap.)

Umm, congratulations on losing your earthquake virginity! Strong gust of wind is probably about right. My clothes dryer shakes the house more than a 4.7 quake, for sure.

Hah, I assumed it was a lorry to start with. Then a big lorry. Then a REALLY big lorry. Then holy-shit-this-is-a-fucking-earthquake!

I live in California, and I've experienced several small earthquakes (fortunately no large ones). It can sometimes be hard to tell whether it's an earthquake or a large truck going by. Although sometimes it's very clear it's an earthquake.

For the ones where nobody gets hurt and there's no serious property damage, they're pretty cool and kind of fun. The most noticeable one I experienced was pretty small, but it did manage to knock over some knick-knacks, and made the sink (which was a sort of sink-installation thing, not fully built-into the kitchen area) shake in interesting ways, but never anything dangerous.

I didn't feel it *pouts* my parents did though, they live on the Lincolnshire side of Nottingham and apparently my Dad was terrified and thought a lorry/car had driven into the house. We have quite a lot of earthquakes in the East Mids, I've felt at least 4 there. Obviously Brighton is a lot more chilled...

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