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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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At least, I think so
delirium happy
Yesterday, I went to see my therapist. It was, in most respects, an entirely normal therapy session, with nothing particularly interesting to report. There was, however, one thing to emerge from it, that I find amusing. Not only do I have an alarming tendency to over-think things (which is not news), I also have a tendency to over-think the nature of my over-thinking. Just think of that.

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Oh, same here. My therapist tells me that I ought to stop thinking about everything and just do things instead, and intellectually I can see that that's probably a pretty good idea. I just haven't a clue how to actually do that. Pretty much anything that I do is preceded by an internal "hey, I should go and..." sort of monologue. Bah, they do indeed suck.

But don't they understand? People who don't think before they act do STUPID things. And I don't want to do stupid things.

Ah, that mortal fear of regret, rejection and failure.

Well, to be fair, I'm perfectly capable of doing stupid things even when I do think about them. Although, the prospect of doing even more stupid things is quite scary.

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