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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Things that annoy
delirium pissed off
There are a lot of things that are annoying me way more than can possibly be rational lately. Let's have a ranty post.

1. "Oh, it must be global warming". No. No it mustn't. Just because it's an unusually warm day in February is in no way evidence for global warming. Nor is there any particular reason to believe that it wouldn't have been that way without global warming. The existence of global warming is now demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt (as I understand it; IANA climatologist) but doing so took an awful lot of debate between an awful lot of smart people looking at an awful lot of data. It is not something that has anything to do with "hey, it's sunny today".

2. *shrug*. It may just be me but I always read this as the world's most obnoxious and passive-aggressive emote. It always comes across to me as shorthand for "well, I think that you're completely wrong, but I honestly don't give enough of a damn about you to try to argue". That may or may not be how it's intended, but that's always how I read it.

3. Those bloody annoying things that people have on their userinfo pages saying how many days/weeks/month it has been/will be since/until some sort of event. Honestly what's wrong with just saying "such a thing happened on $date"?

4. Wattage. Tonnage. Yardage. Ampage. Anythingelseage. The words are "power", "mass" (or "weight"), "distance" and "current". I have never understood why people insist on doing this, and I hope I never will.

5. People I don't like showing up in completely unexpected places. OK, so this is actually a rational dislike, but it still annoys me.

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2. That's certainly how I always intend it, but I don't mean it passive-aggressively. I just assume everybody else knows what I mean, and is taking it at face value, as though I actually had said "Hey, I disagree with you (a lot), I just don't care enough to argue about it".

3. Those only annoy me when several of them say the same thing. One for how long since the baby was born, one for how long you've been breastfeeding, one for how old the child is... ARGH! They're all the flipping SAME!

4. M-W has the following information:

Wattage is cited from 1903.
Tonnage is cited from the 15th century
Yardage is cited as from at least as early as 1900.
Ampage... isn't listed.

Even if they were all new coinages (cited in the 14th century, though I know that's not the sort of -age you mean), the fact is that people do it because it's understood. Language changes. You can get used to it, or you can spend the rest of your life bitterly writing angry letters to the editor about Youth Today.

4. Yeah, I know. Like I said, these are things that annoy me irrationally. I'm mostly a descriptivist when it comes to language, except for a few things which really annoy me for which I'm perfectly willing to abandon my principles and become a staunch prescriptivist, even when the weight of centuries of use is against me.

Seriously though, it's not so much something I think that people shouldn't use, so much as something that I just wish they wouldn't.

Got it. Lately, I haven't been understanding anybody on the first shot, oy.

Now that I get it - it's something like my irrational dislike of "and I" where people really mean "and me", isn't it.

"Ampage" may not be in there, but "amperage" is cited from 1893.

I see others have taken you up on number 4 already, so I'll just add that it is often useful to be able to specify the desired units :P

Personally, ampage refers to amplification, if you want the rated current for a component and don't want to use the proper expression, then at least call it amperage. In fact, unlike the other units in question, there is no reason to use anything other than "rated current", for there has never, ever, been a commonly used alternative unit of measurement.

I entirely agree on 2, 3 and 5, however! 5's a pretty damn huge fear of mine, tbh.

#5 is one of the reasons I didn't leave my dorm room much last year. It really sucks :| The reverse is kinda fun, though (running into friends in unexpected places).

I'm sure I heard someone on the news yesterday putting the earthquake down to global warming!

I agree so so so so so so so so so much on 2.

If I can be horribly awkward, a warm day in February is evidence for Global Warming. It's just only a very teensy bit of evidence.

Also, in particular defense of 'Tonnage' it's a useful and meaningful word in the maritime context that has nothing to do with mass.

No, a horribly warm day in February means that some folks missed out on the Canadians exporting their shit weather south again (we got it, and it blows, I'll take your warm day in February).

One day of fluctuation does not an overall warming trend in the surface temperature of the earth's oceans make. This is not to say that the latter is or is not happening, but it does mean that correlation != causation.


Oh come on, you had to expect that from someone - and I was surprised nobody said it before me.

Though when I use it, it's generally in response to something I don't know the answer to. Not in the way you describe.

I bloody HATE *shrug*!!!!!!

It's like saying "either I disagree with you but don't think you're worth the effort" or "I don't care enough to type out all of the word, 'whatever.'" Either way you slice it, it means 'I don't care,' 'I have no opinion,' or 'I don't want to share my opinion or feelings with you.' And to me, there's no greater insult.

I get way overboard about how I perceive things online, though. You can ask ... well, a lot of people. If you even make too many smiley faces at me, I consider it passive aggressive. I'm very strange, but in my defense, I've been surrounded by people who are emoticon-sensitive for about 10 years now. Conditioning FTL.

By itself, I can see how *shrug* would be annoying. However, I most often see it as a lead-in to further explication on a subject, since the gesture doesn't HAPPEN in text medium any other way.

Half the family's Jewish, the other half's Eastern European, and I grew up in New Jersey. I talk with my hands. A lot. A *shrug* in a wider context, e.g. an email to a friend, does in fact NOT mean "I have no opinion" or "I'm not sharing". It's equivocation, a la 'Blah de blah blah *shrug* YMMV, but for me yak yak blah blah'. It's not hanging out by itself, it's nuancing expression.

shrugging in real life is perfectly acceptable, but for some reason if it's in text, it means something else to me. I totally understand shrugging in person. lol.

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