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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Dream idea
I just had an amazing idea in a dream. On the one hand, this is awesome, because it's a free amazing idea. On the other hand, it is sad, since you can't expect something like that to happen twice in one lifetime, and I've gone and wasted mine on something with no practical uses whatsoever. The idea:

To build a micrometer out of Lego Technic.

I'm convinced it should be possible. Or rather, I'm convinced that you could make a device for measuring very small lengths, though it might have to be around the height of a room to work.

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If it's geektastic you want, this etch-a-sketch clock pretty much takes the biscuit.


Hiw much would that much lego technic cost?
That is a cool idea! Do you have a room you can do it in? You could ask people to send you donations of lego until you had all you needed!

I have absolutely no idea. Not only do I have no clue how much lego technic actually costs, but I also don't know how much it would take. Properly planning out schematics seems like a whole lot of hard work.

Hard work takes all the fun out of lego.

It takes the fun out of most things, I find. :(

I dunno- some things are actually worth the effort.
Having said that i can't think of any examples off the top of my head!

Oooh buuuttt! Lookee! I'm trying to de-rut my life! www.cwene.wordpress.com
It's hard work but worth it. I think.

Ooooh, go you! My attempts at de-rutting my life are rather stalled at the moment due to a severe attack of brain explodey, but you seem to be doing well so far. *cheers you on, pom-poms and all*

And double ooooh, you've finally got around to playing Civ IV! How long do I have to wait before I start nagging you to play an online game against me?

A while. I shall let you know when I feel I have mastered it sufficiently to play against real people. For now it's shiny and new and takes actual thought to figure things out!

I'm actually going to go and make that table now. Otherwise I'll be internet mooching until it's time to go to work and we can't be having that!

Good luck with that! Just remember that hammers and thumbs don't mix, and you'll be fine.

(Deleted comment)
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