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Can we say "duh"?
road sign, I'm with stupid
I thought that the LJ boycott would be the stupidest thing I'd hear about taking place tomorrow*, but this surely has it beat:

Crucifixion may be bad for your health.

For those too lazy to click the link, the nub of the story is this: A bunch of crazy people in the Philippines are going to be re-enacting the crucifixion of Jesus, complete with getting nailed to a tree and all that stuff, and health officials have issued a warning saying it could be dangerous. No fucking shit.

I also like this commentary on it.

* To anyone taking part, you have every right to do so, of course, but do you honestly, truly, believe that it will have absolutely any effect at al on anything?

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It's always disturbing to know that just as you think you've seen all the stupid the world can throw at you... it throws something even more stupid up from its bowels. XD

I can't be fucked with the LJ boycott, because I honestly don't believe it will have an effect. SUP will continue to do what the fuck they want to, and I will continue to use my LJ because I like it and most of the shit SUP pulls doesn't actually affect me beyond the moving around of customising and other such settings that leave me tearing my hair out because I can't find anything.

I find myself more and more amused with each little debacle that happens, actually. The latest for me was the consideration of allowing community mods to charge for access to closed communities. I laughed rather a lot, and then left a comment to say why I thought it would be a bad idea, because hey, I have no right to bitch about LJ if I make no effort to make my view seen.

But yes, despite being a member of many fandoms, and loving my fandom friends... I am left wondering why the hell fandom hasn't fucked off of LJ if it cares so much rather than continuing to complain about things.

(Deleted comment)
No, I think that it's safe to say that the crucifixion reenactors will have some effect on something. Most notably, the business of local health establishments, and their ability to use their hands for the next month.

I initially said that the strike was pointless, but the statement that real users won't strike and that a strike may happen by someone creating a bunch of fake accounts and saying that they are striking is what tipped me over to striking. I am striking because the strike was belittled by an LJ staff member - not as useless, but as not being done by real users, when I already knew real users who intended to do it. I am striking because my friends were insulted and because basically I was dared into it by the news release.

I agree that that guy's comments were tactless at best and denigrating at worse, ad certainly unprofessional, but I still don't think that a strike is a good way to protest against what he said, or against the initial problem. I do get the "you told me not to so I'm going to do it just to spite you" attitude, but I still think that it's an ultimately futile gesture.

The strike probably won't change anything. Writing letters is more useful. I agree with that.

But it isn't meaningful to show support for my friends or to prove that real users are upset. If the strike has been made into a showcase that real users aren't upset because real users aren't striking, then that does give it meaning. And supporting my friends always has meaning.

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