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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Stupid hats and plastic plates
delirium happy
Apparently, today is my birthday. I say "apparently" because I'd forgotten about this until the Internet reminded me about it, in the form of LJ virtual gifts, Facebook wall messages, IRC topic changes and such like. Thank you to everyone who served to remind me by sending me birthday well-wishes.

The fact that I needed the Internet to remind me pretty much says it all as far as how much I care about this birthday, which is to say, very little indeed. Oh well, here's to making it another orbit around the sun without dying, I guess.

In other news: I find this LJ interest to be delightful, though you may hate me if you click it.

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You're right... I hate you. XD Semagic reminded me it was your birthday, but I thought erring on the side of caution and not mentioning it was the better course of action.

Still, it's a damn fine excuse to eat cake. Nomnom.

...That interest is the awesomest thing evar.

Facebook reminded me, but I wasn't sure whether you do the birthday thing or not. So, umm, cheers?

Yup, I had the same thought on seeing it on Facebook.

Birthday wishes! *Hugs*

Well, I hope you have a happy birthday anyway.

in that case, happy "just another day" birthday! (quotes to denote sarcasm because birthdays are great even if you don't care about them because others do!)

There's someone who occasionally comments on entries I watch for comments whose display name contains several such characters, resulting in pretty much the entire comment notification email appearing RTL for me. Rather annoying.

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