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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Lief Hrad
delirium happy
It is hot. Because it is hot I want ice cream. I don't have any ice cream. In order to get ice cream, I need to go to the supermarket. Going to the supermarket involves going out in the sun and exerting physical effort, making me more hot. Oh, the torment. Tantalus really never knew how lucky he was.

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We seem to have an ice cream van that turns up on our street every day. We've had a couple of 99s from them, and it removed all need to trip to the shops.

See. I knew it was going to be hot, so last week I bought a metric shedload of mini-milk ice lollies.

Mmm. Mini milks.


I bought a half litre of Ben and Jerry's last time I went to the supermarket! Unfortunately, it was all gone within about half an hour of my getting home.

What is this thing you earthlings call "willpower"?

I call it 'more ice-cream!"

It's not willpower. It's about having three or four different half-liters in the freezer, which lasts longer.

(If I could, I'd ftp you a half-liter of lemon sorbet, or a dish of vanilla ice cream, as I'll be lucky if it gets above 10 this rainy Monday.)

(Deleted comment)
I believe such things do exist, and what's more, they pack the ice-cream with dry ice to survive the postage...

You know, google gives exactly two results for "Lief Hrad." One is a ten-word Twitter post giving exactly no contextual clues as to meaning whatsoever.

The other is a comment written by you, defining the unfamiliar phrase as being equivalent to... another unfamiliar phrase.

Fortunately, my typo-fu kicked in while I was looking at the other unfamiliar phrase, so I think I'm good. Consequently I will not end this comment with the wailing and gnashing of teeth that I was planning to. :)

Lief hrad, tpyign hrader.

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