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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Glitter and rainbows, oh my!
road sign, I'm with stupid
Following a vaguely surreal conversation on IRC, I commented jokingly that I should write to the Zimbabwean embassy and ask them if Robert Mugabe farts glitter and rainbows. Regrettably, though unsurprisingly, I am now being encouraged to actually do so. What's worse, is that I'm actually feeling tempted to do so.

Poll #1188793 Mugabe farts

Should I troll the state of Zimbabwe in this manner?

You even have to ask? Of course you should!
You even have to ask? Of course you shouldn't!

Please, someone encourage me down the route of sanity.

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Officially, I'll use the poll to encourage you down the route of sanity. Unofficially, I'm waving the 'Go, Rho, go!' flag.

Don't be silly.

Write to Mugabe himself.

Pfft. Then I'd have to pay international rates for postage. I'm not made of money, you know.

I agree. Go to the primary source.

My vote is do it, if only so you can then claim "I once trolled a country". Full of win.

Why not? You aren't planning to go visit, are you?

I'm No Help At All, and my post-surgery painkillers are probably making it worse.

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