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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
People I have a tendency to get confused:

1. RuPaul with Ron Paul.
2. George Foreman with George Formby.
3. The Osbournes with the Osmonds.

They're all very similar.

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2. George Foreman with George Formby.

I do that too!

Gnarls Barkley and Charles Barkley
Dave Thomas and Rob Thomas, hehe.

Thankfully, the only one of them that I've even heard of is Charles Barkley, thus saving me the ignominy of having two more additions to my list.

Dave Thomas. the founder of Wendy's! the restaurant, lol. Rob Thomas is the matchbox 20 dude.

it should be worth mentioning that I had to backspace over writing dave twice. that would have been a funny reply, but too confusing for you.

I've never heard of George Formby or Ron Paul, though.

I used to work for a guy called Rob Henry, and more than twice I answered calls for him with 'Rob Thomas'.

-sigh- Not so smart.

It's okay. I mix Ron Paul with Ron Jeremy.

I only do the mix up of George Foreman with George Formby because it's funny: Grill on this and sausages "turn out nice again" and that sort of thing. It also is funny to get my Mother confused.

Crossover fic screaming to be written...

(Deleted comment)
"Say my name, bitch",, demanded Ron Paul pumping his erect phallus in and out of his transvestite lover's asshole.

"Oh, oh, oh!" moaned RuPaul. "Rooooooon Paaaauuuuuul!"

(Deleted comment)
I would absolutely, totally vote for RuPaul. Ron Paul, not so much. RuPaul, in a heartbeat.

Um. Jesse Helms and Jesse Ventura.

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