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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Eurovision! Yay!
delirium happy
It's almost Eurovision time! The first semi-final is tomorrow, the second is on Thursday, and then the final itself is on Saturday. I'm excited!

For those poor unfortunates from other continents who aren't familiar with the great institution that is the Eurovision Song Contest, think of it as a cross between the United Nations, a fashion show, and a talent contest for seven year olds. Most of the songs are terrible, the outfits often have to be seen to be believed, and the voting is laughably politicised (oh look, Cyprus gave maximum points to Greece again. Fancy that!) I love it!

And those of you not in Europe can still watch this year's event on their live web feed!

To mark the occasion (and because I wanted to), I've decided to dredge through YouTube to find some of the highlights of Eurovision past.

(ABBA singing Waterloo. Proof that not everything to come out ofEurivision has sucked.)

(Bucks Fizz. Famous for the much-imitated taking-off-the-skirts part of the routine.)

(Lordi. Because obviously a Finnish heavy metal act dressed in rubber monster suits is perfect for a fluffy pop music competition.)

(Ruslana. Apparently, Xena warrior princess was actually Ukrainian. Who knew?)

(Les Fatals Picards. The French can almost always be relied on to produce some mind-boggling crap, because they Just Don't Care.)

(LT United. Taking post-modern self-reference to an extreme.)

(Guildo Horn. I know I've linked this before, but I find it strangely compelling.)

(Sestre. Four words: Transvestite Slovenian air hostesses.)

(Daz Sampson. I believe this may be a contender for worst song in the history of the universe ever.)

(Alenka Gotar. I thought this should have won last year so, predictably, it did crap.)

(Verka Serduchka. And for this one, there really are no words.)

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNHfh0qn1xM -> let's get happy and let's be gay!

Me and Ali spent the evening making/painting flags to turn into bunting for our party on Saturday. So excited!

Ooooh, I'm envious. I'd totally have a Eurovision party if I thought I could convince anyone to turn up. Instead I'll be sitting watching it on my own, and mocking the silly frocks and flat singing over the intartubes.

And that's another fabulous Eurovision song! I'd forgotten that one, alas.

Yay Eurovision! I shall be hosting the annual irc party again this year! Which is basically a channel of "Haha look at the freaks!" for a couple of hours. Good times :3

I do love me some eurovision ^_^

Hahaha, yay. I was just about to ask if we were going to gather in channel again! \o/

I too like the Slovenian entry; I hope she gets a decent career out of it (or does she have one already), excellent singing plus *not in English*.

However we have to remember that the point is not to win! Because winning means you have to pay for the next one!

Yeah, the Slovenian one is really pretty. Have you heard Serbia's entry? I was watching on Beovision (Serbia's national contest) when it won and I was just enchanted with it.

I don't recall it; but then I have a useless memory.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=HOTJKHAu2wI PRETTY

I like the part where they're walking around in circles. it's kinda soothing. and the lyrics are pretty too.

oh yeah, that's good. Shocking, taking Eurovision seriously!

yeah, I know. :)

I could listen to it forever. I haven't found a version of her singing it in English, but there's a Greek one and a Spanish one on youtube. you can find english translation pretty easily though, though some of the translations aren't as good.

I love you <3333333333333333333333333333333

(for linking me to their live web feed because I was PISSED about missing eurovision on account of being in america.)

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