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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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[memories] This is a pen
delirium happy
Back when I was in school, probably when I was about 16 or so, we had, as a class, some sort of weekend away doing crappy team-building exercises, and learning various bits about business. At the end of the weekend, we split up into groups and had to give brief presentations about things that we'd learned over the weekend.

When the turn of our group came, I stood up before a crowd of my peers, held a pen up in the air, and boldly and decisively stated "This is a pen."

I paused for dramatic effect. People started staring at me, then looking at each other, to confirm that they had actually heard what they thought they had. Then I carried on, and started talking about how even for something as simple as a pen, you can still try to make it seem more impressive by using appropriate language and framing it in more interesting ways, and so on.

Our presentation was pretty crappy really. We were lazy and hadn't put much work in, and it was fairly light on actual content. It was the one that people remembered and talked about, though, purely because of the first few seconds.

It's still one of my favourite memories to this day, because I think it shows me at my best: fearless, full of chutzpah, and not remotely worried about looking like an idiot.

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That's awesome. I'd probably remember it if I'd been there.

There was a spontaneous round of applause at that point, wasn't there?

And remember: Whizzo Pens are really handy to carry around in your pocket because you never know if you're going to need to write something at any given moment.

(I remember getting as far as the word 'really' before thinking "oh crap, I've started reading this out much too quickly and I'm going to fluff it any second. Well, I've got to go through with it now".)

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