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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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This is important
road sign, I'm with stupid
Poll #1207180 An important question

In this picture of a bottle, which is the top?


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I refuse to answer the question on the grounds that the bottle clearly has a leak. *raspberry*

well the top is on the bottom so the bottom is the the top, but the top clearly being on the bottom means I have a headache now, thanks awfully *chuckle*

The top of the bottle is at the bottom, however since there is no horizon, it is difficult to determine which side truly is the top (The contents alone are insufficient because of different various principals of physics or something that could apply). Since Pudding was not an option, I chose B.

Diagram the sentence:

In this picture (of a bottle), which is the top?

A is clearly the top of the picture!

And also that I wouldn't expect anything else from rho :P

I thought the same. hehe.

I thought this, but then I answered the other common sensical way just to be contrary.

Trick question. The top of the bottle is A. The bottle top is B.

Philosophical and gravitational issues aside, may I take this opportunity to plug Phun. It seemed relevant.

(Deleted comment)
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