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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Oh great lazyweb oracle, answer me this
delirium happy
Dear Lazyweb,

What is that best way of preventing and/or dealing with ingrowing hairs? I used to be afflicted with these on my face, and never found a good way of dealing with them up until having my hairs zapped with a laser and getting rid of the problem at the root. Now that I am attempting to take more care of myself and my appearance than I have done historically, the little blighters have migrated down to my legs. I still haven't determined a good way of delaing with them. What should I be doing?


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Really good tweezers, for plucking, after using a warm compress on the area. Think of the sort of sharp pointy tweezers you might use to remove a splinter, not the sort you'd use on your eyebrows.

I switched to an electric razor from one of the cheap $10-a-bag ones. That helped me a lot, though I generally have to shave more often that way. (I'd rather shave more often than deal with infected follicles.)

Get a pumice stone. Exfoliate whatever areas are prone to ingrowns, as often as you think of it, but at least once a day.

I get the fuckers in places you do not want to know about.

This is arguably not the best way of dealing with them, but my method of choice involves picking at them until they bleed.

Exfoliate/rub vigourously before shaving to attempt to prevent the hairs growing inwards to begin with. To get rid of hairs which do grow in, I pick at them and then pull them out with tweezers. It's not perfect but it works ;-)

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