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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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In which any semblance of a doubt that I am a physics geek vanishes
I learned yesterday (via strangefrontier) that plush toy subatomic particles exist. Clearly and obviously, these are the sort of thing that I absolutely need to own. A world in which these exist but I do not own any is a sad, sad world indeed. The only problem is, though, that I can't decide which ones I want most.

Individually, my favourite ones are the neutrinos and the strange quark. But then I also think what if I had two up quarks, two down quarks, an electron and an electron neutrino? Then I'd be able to play at beta decay! Or I could get an up quark, an antidown antiquark and a gluon, which combine to form a ρ+ – a rho meson (though I'm not sure how I could indicate that I wanted it to be a ρ and not a pion). Or I could just get a full set of quarks, for the fun with different masses. Or... or.. or...

Help! Which ones should I get?

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Where does the shopper begin and the nerd end?

I saw these a few weeks back and I couldn't decide either. (Although unfortunately I didn't quite get the jokes, my head explodes at particle physics, needs more evlolution.)

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