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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Lol batteries
drowning man

Picture, presented without comment.

(I don't think this is wide enough to mess up people's friends pages, but if it is, prod me and I can cut.)

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We had stickers on the baskets at the grocery store a few years back.

All the stickers said was "Remove this sticker before microwaving".

Because the sticker is the most important part of that package not to put in the microwave. Yep.

(Deleted comment)
That logic is indisputable.

Bwahahaha! That cracks me up.

...on a completely different note, that seems like an awful lot of packaging for what appears to be an 8-pack of batteries...

I have my wossname set to not load large (or it seems, non dimensionally-specified) images in my friends page, because someone always manages to mess it up. Anyway, as such, I clicked on the link expecting you to have discovered some dubious, and perhaps flammable, "LOL" branded batteries in a pound shop or somthing, and shared a photo with us for macro creation purposes.

I suggest you carefully peel the sticker off and microwave it.

It's probably one of those security tags with metal bits in it, which can be magnetized so that the obnoxious "We're sorry, we seem to have forgotten to deactivate a security tag on your purchase." alarms go off. Might not be so good for a microwave.

They're basically just an RF resonant coil of wire with a capacitor that gets burnt out by the deactivation thingy. So it'll do the usual metallic thing sparkly fun in the microwave. But you're right. Probably best to do it in someone else's microwave.

So you can put the batteries in the microwave as long as you remove the sticker first? Awesome!

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