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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
This is all phoenixdreaming's fault. Well, except for the bit that's kamara's fault. Oh, and the bit that's shehops's fault. One thing I must make absolutely and abundantly clear, though, is that it is in no way shape or form even slightly my fault. Not a bit.

Yes, that is me as an anime catgirl. No, don't ask. Really.

For extra authenticity, imagine that I'm several clothes sizes smaller and several cup sizes bigger. For extra extra authenticity,imagine that there's also a phone post here of me saying "Yatta!" or "Kawaii!" or something like that. (About the limit of my Japanese, unless I want to start spouting nonsense like "shinkansen hentai!")

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That is so awesome!

I Wont ask why you have those clothes kicking around, but instead will lol amusingly for the next while.

(And before you ask, no.)

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

You wouldn't say that if you knew what they were arguing about.

hahahahaha. i came here to make, word for word (oh, except they = we), that comment.

I expect that's true, but I couldn't go out of order! There were no more "No"s to respond to!

I don't know what they're talking about either, but I'm going to say "yes".

(Deleted comment)
*gives you supercookies*

cookies for everyone \o/

What, you mean you don't have clothes like that just kicking around? Freak!


Hahahahahahaha. Awesome.

You know, you seem really happy in that pic. Which is good.

I also won't be asking why you have those clothes kicking around, but then as one who has all kinds of odd things kicking around that I can't even remember getting, I suppose that could well answer the unasked question.

There is a perfectly innocent explanation that doesn't involve yiff or anything equally disturbing, but I'm not going to share it because keeping you guessing is far more fun.

You abducted a sailor, didn't you?

Damn. Who told you?

That innocent looking sardine swimming around the night of the abduction? It was one of my agents. I have eyes everywhere.

*raises an eyebrow*

I like it. I especially like how pleased with yourself you look :-p

I have been told, in the past, that "smug" is a look that I pull of exceptionally well.

Ohhhhhh, excellent! *wriggle*

Would it be too punfully awful if I were to make reference to your cat-that-ate-the-canary grin? Hee!

If I were to say "yes", would that stop you?

Not in the least. *maniacal laugh goes here*

Oh sailor, why'd you do it? Whatcha do that for?

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