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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
After the entry from the other day, I decided that it was about time I took some more conventional photos, to provide a more accurate depiction of what I actually look like at the moment. In the course of doing so, I discovered two things:

1. I am entirely incapable of taking decent photos of myself. Seriously. I took a whole bunch, and they pretty much all had something about them that made me want to bang my head against a table. Either the lighting was crap, or I forgot to smile, or my clothes weren't straight, or so on. And every time I thought "right, I'll make sure to avoid that mistake next photo", I ust did something else wrong isntead. Bah.

2. My body image is pretty messed up. I always tend to think of myself as being thin and stick-like, because for along time, I was. I didn't eat enough had visible ribs, and so on. This is really not an accurate portrayal of how I am, currently though. I know this, rationally, but there's still a part in the back of my head insisting otherwise. Actually seeing myself in picture is good for making me deal with reality, rather than the bizarre head-version of myself. Going off the pictures it would seem that not only do I need to lose a bit of weight1 but that I'm actually not as monstrously ugly as I tend to think I am. Yay.

Anyway, for people who care:

I have been told that I look cross and tough in that second one, in a "roar! I stomp you!" sort of way. Fear rhozilla.

[1] And by this, what I actually mean is "I personally feel – for myself – that losing some weight could be beneficial, in that I suspect (albeit without concrete evidence), that losing weight could allow me to have a more well-defined and less amorphous line to my figure, which could improve my body image vis-a-vis my gender issues, allowing me increased self-confidence and greater happiness. Furthermore, I am aware that I need to improve my general levels of health and fitness, and believe that it is probable that many of the things that I could do to attempt to lose weight, such as exercise and a healthier diet (and accepting that I'm not about to do anything along the lines of unsustainable crash dieting), could also help improve my health and fitness, thus leading to increased overall wellbeing."

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Hey stranger!

You look great! And confident. :D

I am disappointed that you don't actually have cat whiskers. Also, smile more often - it's a nice smile. :)

Squeeeeee! *wriggle* Pictures!

In the first picture, you look so uncannily like another friend of mine that I did a double take to make sure it was actually you instead. You aren't secretly leading a double life, are you? (And if you are, could you possibly lizard-sit for me next week?)

The second picture is rather the expression I picture you having when I trounce you at Scrabble. *runs*

That's exactly it. That's why I included one copy of the picture for each time you've trounced me at Scrabble.

Ah, Britain: Where they call an elevator a "lift," a car trunk a "boot," and a large number of times a "one." :)

And chickens "unchlorinated".

*mutters something that sounds vaguely like touché*

I really like these, especially the first one. You're pretty

(Deleted comment)
Note that your face shape is currently quite good and losing weight might mean your face gets less curvy and therefore doesn't look as good.

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