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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Sliced bread ain't got nothing on these
delirium happy
Today, the most exciting thing in the entire history of humanity happened!1 My subatomic particle plushies arrived! Naturally, the first thing I had to do after squeeing and cuddling them was to set them up for an accurate-physics2 photo shoot. Look! Look! Aren't they awesome?

The really truly awesome thing is that they form a rho meson. Specifically, they form a positive rho meson, ρ+. So from now on, when I'm being negative, I just need to look at them and poof! Suddenly, positive rho! Hurrah!

Now all I need is someone to turn them into an LJ icon for me. Lol-caption optional.

[1] Sorry? Hyperbole? No, never heard of it.
[2] Well, accurate-ish, anyway. If you want you can imagine that they're vibrating around a lot or whatever, then go ahead.

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ahahaha, brilliant! I'll have a bash at the iconing if no one gets there first. (Someone should get there first: my iconing skillz are unleet.)

if I were the people who made those, I would make one of those pull-string vibrating versions so that you can be more accurate and make them vibrate.

The geek in me is in awe of such a great plushie concept. I really enjoy that there are cute science things out there now like this and usually snatch them up for my niece when I am obligated to get her presents (which being an uncle is a lot aparently....). I like the cute/educational things because its teaching them without bashing the science over their heads repeatedly. Good fun!

Eeeh, so cute! I still haven't decided which ones I want to get.

Wheeee. Thank you! I've grabbed the second and third ones. :D

(And obviously, the answer to which ones you want is "all of them". The "which ones can you afford" question is slightly tougher.)

Those are totally awesome, as are the new icons. If I had any free time, I'd make one with them vibrating. :)

I was just mentioning to nyxie and coffeechica the other day that I'd lost touch with rho and that I should catch up. And I come by here and see this! Those are awesome and you are a giant dork and I hope all is well. :-)

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