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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I have willpower. Really I do.
rho meson
Dear self,

You do not want one of these. You certainly don't want a set of these. There is absolutely no way on earth that you could possibly want one of these.

Go and cuddle your subatomic particles instead.


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Oh. Oh oh oh. I want that shirt. I'll settle for actual chocolate instead though. How much chocolate can I get for $22? Lots.

You could always dream of a whole mountain of subatomic particle plushies, enough to swim in. ;)

Oh, you do too.

And what's more, if you should happen to give in and obtain Chemistry Trumps, I will let you teach me how to play it the next time we're in the same room. :)

Oh, you do too.

I am choosing to interpret that as an agreement with the assertion that I have willpower.

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