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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Tee Hee
delirium happy
While playing Scrabble, I just played the word "panties" for 69 points. This amuses me far too much. Obviously, I am, in fact, 12.

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I'd be amused as well! It takes MOXIE to admit that, you know. But then, we always knew you were the UNIQUE sort of girl. :)

I can sympathize, having recently played "clitoris" (after the XKCD comic of late) down the side of the board onto a triple and broken out laughing for a good minute.

My opponent declared that I was about 10 or so, too.

You know, I saw the word. And I saw the score. And it isn't merely that my brain didn't make the connection, it's that my brain apparently didn't even realize that there was a connection to be made.

Conclusion: I am hopeless.

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