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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Things to remember
delirium happy
My will is as strong as yours
And my kingdom as great

Damn. Oh, I can never remember that line!

I had a random thought earlier today. People (in that vague, nebulous, "I can't be bothered to find any actual proper source" sense of the word) sometimes say that one of the strengths of the Bible (or other religious text of choice, but I'm most familiar with Christian traditions) is that there's a passage in it for every situation, to fit every mood. If you're worn down, then such and such is good. If you're seeking inspiration, read such and such instead. If you need strength in the face of adversity, you want this verse instead.

What I realised, is that I tend to use my DVD collection in the same way, revisiting my favourites for the emotions and feelings they provoke within me, when I know that they'll tell me what I need to be hearing at a given time. So for instance, The Lion King is good for when I need reminding that just because the world has turned its back on me, doesn't mean I should turn my back on the world. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, Family, never fails to remind me that I am loved and of the value of my friends. Les Miserables helps me to find the courage to draw a line in the sand and say "this far, and no further". And so on and so forth.

New media, new methods of story telling, new myths, but still the same function.

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You have no power over me?

And yes. Bad $time_period + Comfort foods + comfort movies/TV + a hug = life gets better.

DB: "Love me, fear me, and I will be your slave"

SBF: "sold".

My version would have made a better movie ;-)

You make an interesting parallel here, I rather like it. I use music in a similar way.

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