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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Feeling the benefit
delirium happy
When it was summer and it was hot, I took my duvet out of my duvet cover, and just slept under the cover. It was too hot for a full duvet, but I find it easier to fall asleep with something draped over me, so the duvet cover worked nicely. Then, as summer turned to autumn and autumn turned to winter and it got progressively colder, I somehow never quite got around to replacing the duvet.

Part of this was, admittedly, laziness. Changing bedding is one of my least favourite household chores, and anything that minimises that is a good thing in my book. Part of it, though was a stubborn insistence that it wasn't really that cold, and I didn't really need my duvet, and if I replaced it too soon then I'd not feel the benefit when it got really cold.

Today, I decided that it was now really cold, and I reinserted my duvet in its cover. Mmmmm, snuggly.

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...it snowed today, here.

Mind if I join you? *shivers*

Eep! You must have been freezing. My laziness extended to not putting the duvet in the cover, but using the warm bit, so it got all wrong and I had to replace it. Now my new duvet, which is normally excessively warm and cosy, is not warm enough and I have an extra blanket D:

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