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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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PPPS Still not sorry
drowning man
I just had to share this IM transcript, for the immense wrongness of it all. As we join the conversation, rho is playing the advanced test chamber stages of Portal, and gnashing her teeth at their unforgiving nature.

[01:02:06] rho: whoever designed these levels is evil enough for the evil league of evil
[01:03:48] rho: i'm sorry, but apparently i did :D
[01:03:52] rho: (ps, not sorry)
[01:03:55] sarianna: AND YOU'RE NOT SORRY
[01:04:02] rho: (pps, plz to be writing)
[01:04:04] sarianna: ....i still love you
[01:04:07] sarianna: *snrk*
[01:06:17] rho: it could be a beautiful romance. glados applies to join the evil league of evil, and then as bad horse watches her, she watches bad horse, and... yeah
[01:06:47] sarianna: .....dear g-d, NO
[01:07:11] rho: aww, why not? :(
[01:08:07] sarianna: can you imagine the music?
[01:09:25] rho: and believe me i am still a horse. and when you're dying i'll be still a horse. and when you're dead i will be still a horse. still a horse. still bad horse, bad horse, bad horse bad horse bad horse.
[01:10:59] rho: yay! i made it up that jump!
[01:11:11] rho: now. to figure out how the hell to do the next bit
[01:11:14] sarianna: i think i'm going to fall in some acid to get that out of my brain
[01:11:33] rho: my pleasure :)

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You have given me an excuse to use this icon!

I assume this is advanced level 18? That one's awesome fun!

18, yes. I've done the other five, but 18 is having me tearing my hair out. At the time of writing, I was still struggling with the first leap. I've now got past that part and up to the bit with the turrets without a handy energy ball to kill them with, and haven't changed my opinion of the level designers one bit.

Edit: And about an hour after that, I'm finally done.

Edited at 2009-01-07 02:37 (UTC)

I love advanced 18 - took me ages to figure out that first jump, but after that it was great. I have a lot of fun taking out the sentries!

Hah. I didn't even figure out that it was possible to take out those turrets, so I completed that room by ninjaing through it, hiding behind blocks, and being very quick and accurate with my portal placement. Which was also a lot of fun, in its own sick way.

Eek! Bet that was hard work, especially getting the cube back over!

I like to take them out by having one fly into another to knock it off its perch. Very satisfying!

It wasn't as bad as you might think. I had to make very frequent saves so I could make multiple attempts at some of the more precise elements, but if you could take out all the saves and reloads, and just be left with a replay of the successful version, it was actually rather simple and elegant. I bypassed the moving platform and tilted wall entirely, and think I only needed 4 or 5 portals in the whole of that room.

I might go back and do it again and take out the turrets, just for the satisfaction of revenge.

(Deleted comment)
Good point. Because it just wasn't disturbing enough already.

("Oh, Bad Horse, you're so delicious and moist!")

Um. Yes. By which I mean, I've done 13-17, and just have 18 left now to get my vanilla crazy cake. 18 is a highly advance form of masochism, but I'm going... oh, who am I kidding? Highly advanced forms of masochism are right up my alley.

(Deleted comment)

The companion cube is mine! Nobody else can have it! *clings*

(And I finally beat the last of the advanced maps. Yay.)


I'll be over in the corner with a steel wire bottle brush and a gallon of bleach. O_o


You're a bad person and you should feel bad about yourself.

Thank you! You say the sweetest things!

This is your fault. It didn't have to be like this, you know.

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