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Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Dear people who deserve it: SCREW YOU
no can has eyes
Sometimes, I tend to feel that I'm only pretending to be an adult, and I'm actually still just a kid, really. Then there are times like today. I don't go out much, and since I live in a fourth floor flat with my mailbox down in the lobby, that means I don't check my mail often. From the last week and a half or so since last check – and not including "to the occupier", junkmail, fliers and assorted other crap – I received 9 letters. Of these 9, there were precisely zero that were actually in any way desirable.

Four (4) letters from the DWP and/or Jobcentre Plus saying, essentially "your claim for benefit was turned down, but we need you to come in and see us anyway, and if you don't it may effect any future claims you make". Yeah. Screw you too.

One (1) from the environment agency, warning me yet again that my home (that same fourth floor flat) is at risk of flooding and urging me that it is absolutely vital that I give them my address and phone number so they can phone me at 3 in the morning if they think the water level is rising. Screw you too.

One (1) from BT telling me that for no! extra! charge! I could get a discount on my phonecalls so long as I take up a stupidly long contract with them, even though I already spend way way more on line rental than I do on calls anyway. Screw you too.

One (1) from Scottish Power, with an electricity bill. Screw you too.

One (1) concerning home insurance, saying "yes, we're taking your money and you're now covered". You don't get a screw you, since that's actually kinda good to know, but you're still taking our money, so don't expect me to be happy about it.

One (1) from the laser clinic I go to, sadly informing me that they're having to shut down at the end of February. You definitely don't get a screw you, because I really liked you and am sad that you're closing. However, Bush, Brown, Blair, and everyone else responsible for royally fucking up the global economy? You get a gigantic screw you for making this sort of thing happen.

This sort of thing never happened when I was a kid. When I was a kid, I got naff all mail, but when I did get it, it was almost always something exciting. A mailbox full of this much shit reminds me that I definitely must be an adult. Yay me. Can I go back to being a kid again now?

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On the up side, that is an excellent icon.

Posting to LiveJournal with an icon from Guild Wars with keywords referencing a Jonathan Coulton song, only in lolspeak is dorky even for me.

You CAN go back to being a kid, but the same old adult junk happens anyway. Sorry :-(.

I know what you mean though, post used to be presents and cards and exciting things. Now it's bills, door to door crap, unwanted offers and invitatations.

Sorry to hear about the laser clinic closing and all the other junk. Chin up, Spring is nearly here.

Being an adult isn't all that bad. You can go to bed when you want and you don't get into trouble all the time for what you did/didn't do - except not paying bills..

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