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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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No-one ever gets the truth from plastic man
delirium happy
I am currently reading The World Without Us by Alan Weisman which is an interesting if bleak and depressing account of what would happen if humanity disappeared off the face of the planet, and just how long various bits of our legacy would take to fade away (hint: the good bits, not long at all; the bad bits, a hell of a long time).

In the chapter about plastics, he mentions that we can't really predict how long it might take for bacteria to evolve that are capable of breaking down our left-over plastics, but that something of the order of 100,000 years isn't a bad estimate.

Given that humanity is unlikely to disappear overnight, though, I couldn't help but thinking, as I read, of a totally different vision of the future. I'm predicting that some bright spark will come along and evolve or genetically engineer a species of bacteria that's capable of eating our plastics. This will then be released into our oceans and landfills to erase our past sins, but we'll also need a replacement for plastic, since the plastic eaters won't stay put where we want them. So, we'll develop a new type of plastic resistant to our super bacteria. At this point if we had any sense, we'd heavily regulate this, and make sure that we didn't end up dumping bits of it all over the planet. Of course, we wont' have any sense, so we'll fill our landfills and our oceans again and start the exact same problem over again.

I did mention it was a bleak and depressing book, right?

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Giant cats!!!!!

*crosses fingers* In my lifetime, in my lifetime, come onnnn in my lifetime!

The best thing about it was that they weren't talking about "giant cats" in the sense of having some larger-sized lions and tigers. They were talking about elephantine versions of Fluffy and Mittens going on a godless rampage through the ruins of civilization – all accompanied by unintentionally hilarious CGI depictions and voice-overs.

All I know is, when Jesus comes, get your catnip ready.

elephantine versions of Fluffy and Mittens

I was really, really hoping that that was what you meant. Huzzah!

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