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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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More on mail
delirium happy
As a follow up to my entry from the other day, yesterday, I received a letter from Lancaster council warning me that the entire of the city may get washed away during the next drizzle, and urging me to check that my ark adheres to EU standards. Seriously. My mail only gets worse and worse.

OK, actually, that's not true (you don't say! – omnes). What I actually received was a card from windiain who wished to give me some mail that would actually cheer me up for a change, which included, amongst other things, a warning that he would not be held responsible should the card should transmute into the above between posting and receipt. Fortunately, it didn't. Thanks for that, windiain!

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You're welcome! I was worried that the Postie might have been trapped in a snow drift and been unable to deliver it. No doubt Lancaster council have been sending out letters regarding the snow using 'The Day After Tomorrow' as a template for best-case-scenario. ;)

Believe it or not, it actually hasn't snowed at all here. We have a little micro-climate over Morecambe Bay which is extremely mild, so we hardly ever get snow. I am mostly thankful for this fact.

We had some snowflakes flurrying around, but nothing settled. I suspect that there was snow somewhere between us, though. :D

Yeah. there's those pesky "Pennine" things sitting down the middle. I can't imagine that they remained snow-free.

I knew that wasn't serious. If it were, there'd have been a second letter complaining that your ark doesn't have the relevant planning permission.

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