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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
We had a problem with the downstairs apartment (ie, where I've been sleeping) door last night. Just a little problem. We couldn't get it open.

Now, on the plus side, this meant that I ended up sharing sam42's bed (I haven't been doing so otherwise due to parental mandate from her folks, and they allegedly don't even know we're together, though parents can be alarmingly perceptive sometimes... (she's sitting next to me and has just said "don't make me nervous" :))). It's been altogether too long since I slept next to someone I loved...

On the minus side, inability to get access to all my stuff (eg clothes) has meant that we've had to have something of a change to our plans for today. We were going to go to the empire state building and times square... and have instead changed our plans to sitting inside and doing nothing again. Erm...oops?

I'll prolly end up hardly seeing any of NY at this rate, but oh well, at least the company's good :)

(and we now know we can get into the apartment via the back door. doh.)

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Wow sounds like a brilliant trip so far! Nice one!

You've already seen a whole LOT more of NYC than me :/ But good one! :)

Have fun and take care :)


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