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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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(no subject)
delirium happy
Oh yes. And I still haven't got around to buying postcards. They're clearly going to arrive after I get back, but hey. And I'm still waiting for addresses to be emailed to me from some people (englishdude, bunnyk, I'm looking at you).

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In the post. Thought you were kidding about sending me a postcard... Whoo thanks! :) Appreciate it! :) Btw you don't have to you know....


I sowwy... I'm not well, and it just went totally out of my head. *huggles*

*snuggles* don't worry about it. Hope you feel better soon. *kisses*

I want a post card!

I'll email my address in a minute (remember, this is a Dell minute, it may be emailed as you leave :) )


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