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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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"visibility today is 25 miles"
delirium happy
Today we did the empire state building, and times square. We had to go through about 5 queues before we managed to get up to the observation deck (on the 86th floor) but it was worth it. The view was something else entirely, and there was a gorgeous wind blowing my hair all over the place. And then I bought postcards, which I'll hopefully write tonight (they are sooooo going to arrive back after I do though).

Next we went over to Times Square where I looked around a bit and said "ooh, isn't it corporate" and then we went into the Virgin megastore. Not long after I emerged with two cds (No! by They Might Be Giants, and the soundtrack to Hedwig and the Angry Inch), two EMily the Strange t-shirts (one red one with EMily and her shadow as a cat on it, and one black one, with "Let there be dark" written on it in nice red gothic type lettering, and then "Emily 13:4" in smaller letters) and about $80 less in my bank balance.

Then we came home, collapsed, drank water, were totally exhausted, and went straight onto livjournal and irc.

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We so wanted to buy the emily story book but it worked out as about 15 pounds once you added tax and that was far too much.

It was definately the best picture book ever though.

oh, *definitely*. I've seen it at afpmeets, and spent ages pouring over it with lonecat, just gazing wide eyed at all the clever gloss on matt bits and everything. I'm sure these tshirts are going to get worn to afpmeets, and hopefully inspire much jealousy.

s/jealousy/bloody murder ?

Wow nice one! Sounds like a great view - I went to the Empire State Building, and really so wanted to go up and have a look at the view, but our train was leaving in a hour, and they said the queue was going to be 2 hours long, and had to go, really disappointed.

Nice one! :)


Today we did the empire state building..

Did it mind?

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