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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I've never understood the sort of mentaliity that leads people to not do things like drink their own urine, or stick pens up their arse.

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It's called sanity.

Or it could be something to do with not wanting to add to the body's supply of waste products, as it seems to be quite capable of generating enough itself, in the former case, and not wanting to become an embarassing medical statistic / highly puzzling X-ray shot in the latter...

Well, I think my opinions on sanity are fairly well known... :)

I just can't see why people wouldn't be curious to know what it tastes/feels like.

As I don't particularly enjoy the scent of urine, I'm fairly certain that I shan't enjoy the taste, either, and have never desired it. I don't know what tuna tastes like, either, as the mere odor makes me nauseated.

As for pen up the arse...it's a particularly blunt-but-pointy instrument, with many pokey edges, and not likely to be pleasurable. There are nicer things to put in one's arse if you're interested in what it feels like. :)

I am thoroughly disgusted by urine or scat play, simply because I know too much about the biology, and because the odors themselves nauseate me. (Mind you, I'm not saying anything against a nicely-washed anus.) But I have no problems if other people wanna do that sort of thing...it's just not something I want.

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