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Where did I put my Chemical X?

Today we were meant to be going to the museum of natural history but we overslept (alarm goes off at 10:00 "just a couple more minutes" - then at 12:00 "oops") so instead we went to the mall (oh how American!) and watched a movie.

I want to be a Powerpuff Girl! I want to wear cut dresses and have pigtails and superpowers. And I have to say that Bubbles is easily the best. I'd say that I fancy her, except I'd get some really weird looks, so I won't. I enjoyed it anyway; it was definitely better than that other one that we saw the other week. (yes, I am sad)

Then we wondered around the mall for a bit, and I bought a pair of shoes. I got far too excited by the fact that they were purple, but I actually like them, and I only see shoes that I like once every blue moon, so this is a Good Thing. They were $90 (about 60ukp) but they're decent quality shoes (Timberland) and they should last and did I mention that they were purple? so they were worth it.

I also bought the next in Terry Goodkind's sword of truth series to read on the plane back, and we got icecreams from haagen dazs. sam42 is now threatening to inflict a Beatles movie on me, so I'm trying to procrastinate as much as possible, and make this entry long.

I think that we're going to reschedule the museum for tomorrow, but that means that we need to actually get up. Wish us luck.

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