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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Where did I put my Chemical X?
delirium happy
Today we were meant to be going to the museum of natural history but we overslept (alarm goes off at 10:00 "just a couple more minutes" - then at 12:00 "oops") so instead we went to the mall (oh how American!) and watched a movie.

I want to be a Powerpuff Girl! I want to wear cut dresses and have pigtails and superpowers. And I have to say that Bubbles is easily the best. I'd say that I fancy her, except I'd get some really weird looks, so I won't. I enjoyed it anyway; it was definitely better than that other one that we saw the other week. (yes, I am sad)

Then we wondered around the mall for a bit, and I bought a pair of shoes. I got far too excited by the fact that they were purple, but I actually like them, and I only see shoes that I like once every blue moon, so this is a Good Thing. They were $90 (about 60ukp) but they're decent quality shoes (Timberland) and they should last and did I mention that they were purple? so they were worth it.

I also bought the next in Terry Goodkind's sword of truth series to read on the plane back, and we got icecreams from haagen dazs. sam42 is now threatening to inflict a Beatles movie on me, so I'm trying to procrastinate as much as possible, and make this entry long.

I think that we're going to reschedule the museum for tomorrow, but that means that we need to actually get up. Wish us luck.

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not to *tee hee* hint that you fancy me or anything... i think i'm probably most bubbles-like. sadly, i think i'm fonder of buttercup myself. i don't know if you read that entry about how i'm bubbles thinking she's buttercup.

i also think that if they weren't sisters, i'd really think that buttercup has a thing for bubbles. they're so butch/femme stereotypical butch will do anything for femme kind of thing...

do i think about this too much? probably. but yeah, it's because of bubbles wanting to be buttercup nature that i have tomboy bubbles as my user pick.

Well, we'll say it. We think Bubbles is hot. Or at least, Brian (kid in our system) can get away with saying that - he's gonna be 5.

As for Bubbles vs. Buttercup, that's super funny 'cause we can kinda we ourselves as Buttercup bein' Bubbles.

Damn - we totally have to finish that PPG slash! (Think Bubbles "gettin' back" at Buttercup for calling her weak.)

Brian & Alex & Co.

oo! oo! let me know when you finish that!!! rawr!

OK, well I'm 6 atm so I can say that I think Bubbles is hot too. And I dunno who I'm most like. I've never actually seen it properly other than the movie, so I don't know what they're all like properly. But I still want to be a powerpuff girl, damnit!

Yeah, you'd do it with Betty, but you'd be thinking of Wilma...

(well I'm 13 :P

If you're at all like any of the powerpuff girls then I fancy you!! They're so cuuuuuute...

But Beatles movies are fantastic! Help more so than A Hard Day's Night - but AHDN does let you play 'spot the Grange Hill teacher' which is always fun.

Why the sudden concern about getting odd looks? I thought you were more likely to say 'I'll do this because it'll get me odd looks' than the reverse :)

Ah, that would be the rookie mistake of expecting some degree of consistency from me :)

Are you consistantly inconsistent then?

(Oh, self condatictory things cause such chaos. I think I proved that anything self contradictory is by deffintion false but I probably assumed self consistancy in the proof because I don't know how to think about the universe without it (the universe is just like that, okay?)).


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